Three Great Reasons You Should Offer Customized Hoodies

Custom printed t-shirts

Giving away customized apparel is one of the best branding techniques you could use to market your business. According to a study from Marketing Sherpa, 76.1% of consumers said that they could easily remember the name of a company that’d given them a free promotional item in the past 12 months, whereas only 53% could recall the name of a company they’d seen advertised on TV, which proves custom apparel’s marketing efficacy.

Often times, companies who use this tactic give out free custom tees. In fact, a survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute revealed that 44% of consumers own at least one custom tee. Though these cheap custom tee shirts work pretty well, there are other types of custom apparel your business could be using to market itself more efficiently.

Specifically, customized hoodies. Here’s why.

People Will Get More Use Out of Them.

Customized hoodies last longer than custom tees, which means a couple different things. First of all, it means that people are going to wear them more often than a tee shirt, so customized hoodies generate more brand exposures. Secondly, since customized hoodies will last the consumer years as opposed to a custom tee that’ll last only a dozen months, they’ll generate this higher amount of brand exposure for a longer time, creating an exponential marketing effect.

You Can Be More Creative.

With custom tees, you only have the front and the back to work with. Whereas with customized hoodies, you have the front, the back, the hood, and the sleeves to design, too. This means that you have a better opportunity to make your customized hoodies more appealing, which in turn increases the likelihood that they’ll be worn and generate brand exposures.

You Can Charge More.

Who said you had to give away your customized hoodies for free? If consumers like your brand, they’d likely be willing to purchase a custom shirt or custom hoodie sporting your company’s name and logo. Since people will get more use out of a hoodie, and since hoodies can often be designed much better, consumers will be more willing to purchase one than a tee shirt, which means you can charge more for them.

Custom apparel is a great way to brand your company, but why stop at just custom tee shirts? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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