Pink Camouflage The Only Time it’s Okay To Jump on the Fashion Band Wagon

Camo seat covers

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is fickle, making it difficult to stay up to date on latest trends. However, there are some styles that will simply never go out of style such as a little black dress, a killer pair of heels, jeans and a t shirt, and camouflage clothing for men and women.

It seems that everyone and their mother — literally — are going camo clad. From celebrities, to high fashion models, to urban fashionistas, camouflage clothes are worn by everyone, not only hunters or military personnel. While camo clothing has its roots in the military, it has far outgrown it’s origins to become style that shows no signs of ever going out of vogue.

How did camouflage become so popular? The military camouflage pattern that most people are familiar with today was created during the second World War, when the French military commissioned two artists to design a pattern that would allow their vehicles to blend into the natural surroundings. After its success, camouflage became the standard in armed forces across the world.

However, it wasn’t until Vietnam veterans returned home to the United States and began protesting the war effort while donning their camouflage fatigues that the pattern began to garner attention among fashion forward civilians. During the 1970’s, camouflage became the standard for hunters, which further underscored it’s popularity among the general public. By the time the 1980’s arrived, camouflage had made it’s mark.

While camouflage was associated with grunge, punk, and alternative movements of the early 1990’s, it has since evolved. Pink camo clothing has become especially popular, and winter is the perfect time experiment with this bright, bold pattern.

Similar to traditional camouflage patterns, pink camo is versatile in that it incorporates several colors such as bright pink, white, black, and gray. This makes styling or coordinating a cohesive look easier than ever. For example, a black knit hat is the perfect accessory to a pink camo fleece jacket. Or, the pattern can even be used as nail art. The possibilities are endless.!

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