Three Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Tee Shirts

Custom tee shirts

The odds are pretty good that if you’re not wearing a tee shirt right now, as your read these words, then you probably have one at home. Statistically, 95% of Americans wear a tee shirt; 90% of Americans will not toss away a tee shirt because of its sentimental value; 44% of Americans own and wear cheap custom tee shirts; 62% of people claim to own more than 10 tee shirts; and 91% of Americans claim to own a favorite tee shirt.

So the odds aren’t only good that you’re wearing and/or own a tee shirt, but also that you love tee shirts. And as a person who loves tee shirts, chances are you’d enjoy some interesting tidbits about the world of tee shirts. Here are just a few!

The World’s Most Expensive Custom Tee Cost…

The most expensive custom tee ever made in the history of the entire world cost a measly sum of just $91,500. What you might find even more interesting than it’s price tag is what it’s made out of. Instead of using cotton to make it — as most cheap custom tees are — its designer decided to use crocodile skin.

The World Record For Most Tee Shirts Ever Worn Is…

The world record for the most tee shirts ever worn at one time is an astounding 257, which is probably more tee shirts than you will own over the course of your entire life. Back in October of 2007, a man from Virginia tried to beat it, and wound up setting the record for the U.S. with 183 shirts worn at one time.

The Most Effective Marketing Strategy Is…

Well, perhaps not the most effective marketing strategy, but custom tees are pretty useful marketing tools — more so than TV ads. According to one study from Marketing Sherpa, 76.1% of consumers said that they could remember the name of a company who’d given them free, promotional, custom tees in the past 12 months, where as only 53% could remember a brand they’d seen on TV.

If you know any other cool trivia bits on tee shirts, feel free to share in the comments. Visit here for more. Find out more about this topic here.

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