Why Women Should Celebrate the Athleisure Trend

Athleisure wear

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed the increasingly fashionable workout clothes that are taking over the everyday wardrobes of modern women. From print leggings to seamless tops, everyone seems more than happy to wear fashionable activewear to the office, to the store and even to dinner.

Style experts are now referring to this trend of fashionable workout clothes as athleisure wear, athletic apparel for women that transitions effortlessly from workout to workplace. Though there’s been some backlash against the trend, most women are just happy that being happy and comfortable in public is finally in vogue.

The increased interest in fashionable workout clothes has led designers to be more creative and innovative, designing clothing with the active, working woman in mind. New tailoring techniques, materials and designs are making it stylish to be active, and even more stylish to be comfortable.

Luxury athleisure clothes aren’t a new invention. In fact, Juicy Couture and Lululemon have had the market for high-end fitness wear cornered for a while. But with names like Free People, Nike and Lou and Grey throwing their hats into the athleisure ring, the whole industry is being forced to step up its game.

So why should women embrace this trend? Why not? Where other women’s fashion trends have promoted discomfort for the sake of beauty, forcing women into skin-tight jeans and sky high heels, athleisure clothes promote comfort, functionality and a healthy lifestyle. And they still look gorgeous.

Detractors are always going to complain that yoga pants and leggings should stay in the gym, but with so many spectacular designs hitting the market in 2015, it would be a shame not to wear them out once in a while. Go out and buy that designer tracksuit if it makes you happy. Anyone who complains is probably just jealous of how comfortable you are.

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