Your Basic Guide to Persian Rugs

Persian rugs offer more sophisticated designs that produce a striking look in the right spaces. Still, many shopping for Persian rugs may not know how to source authentic rugs, what constitutes a Persian rug, or why they’re so expensive. Fortunately, experts provide prospective Persian rug buyers with all the information they need to know to confidently purchase a Persian rug for their homes in her comprehensive video on Persian rugs.

Persian rugs are rugs that are made in Iran. First introduced around 2,500 years ago, Persian rugs are expertly designed rugs created by skilled craftsmen throughout the country. Persian rugs do not come in one style but are instead influenced by the cultures of different regions throughout Iran, meaning that each region offers its own unique style of Persian rugs. All of the rugs are named after the cities that make them.

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Persian rugs can be identified by their fringing, their lack of backing (you can see all of the individual knots making up the rug), minor discrepancies like patterns not lining up perfectly or inconsistent knotting density, and higher price points. All authentic Persian rugs are handcrafted, which means that craftsmen have to put months of work into each high-quality piece. Additionally, materials like wool are used, which can increase the price point too.

Persian rugs are gorgeous pieces. They can also last generations with proper care and love. Knowing what to look out for and how to properly identify them ensures that everyone interested in these quality pieces can enjoy their own in their home space.

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