Jewelry That Gives Back Help Others

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The idea of jewelry working for the common good doesn’t make sense at first glance. Diamond rings and golden bracelets are the stuff of luxury. They’re impractical and indulgent. And it can be argued that yes, this is true. But in the video, when Deborah Klezmer says that she wants to combine jewelry-making with service to others, she talks about how jewelry can be part of giving back to others who may need help. This doesn’t mean handing out diamond rings at the food bank. But jewelry is an art. And like any other kind of art, it can be used to inspire action and change in the people who witness it.

Klezmer says that it’s always been a goal of hers to combine service with work. And she says that the flaw in this goal is that she kept putting it off, saying it wasn’t the right time. But, as she says, there is no right time. There is only the moment that you have here and now. So her jewelry designs are meant to depict this feeling of fleeting presence and the fact that human beings only have each other.

As Klezmer says, we are all part of one thing. Humans need to take care of each other and everybody has their own role to play in this care. In some professions, it is more obvious. Doctors physically heal people. Charities donate money and supplies to people in need. Teachers educate young people to help them become good citizens. But what about other careers? What about jobs that might seem self-centered or indulgent? Is there truly a role for those careers in caring for others? Klezmer’s art and actions prove that yes, there is. Her pieces are beautiful and designed with thought-provoking messages inscribed in them. This beauty can bring comfort and joy to others, including those who might be burned out in their work of direct care for people. The messages inspire others to get involved in any way that they can. With this, Klezmer’s role in caring for others is both distinctly carved out and fulfilled in a way that is specifically suited to her and her skills. Like the dominos in the video show, her work has set off a reaction now. From here, others can take up the task, using their skills and resources to creatively find ways to care for others, both directly and indirectly.

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