10 Ways to Create the Perfect Outside Living Space

Your home is a reflection of who you are. Its layout and decor help tell the world a little bit about yourself. Part of your home includes your outdoor space. Creating a great outdoor space where people can gather and create memories is something to be proud of. The laughs and stories you’ll tell in this space will be remembered for many years.

Creating an ideal outdoor space takes time and dedication. If you haven’t done something like this before, it can seem like a lot to take in. Where do you even start? How do you know what should go where, and what to prioritize first when creating this new space? Here are 10 ways you can create the perfect outside living space and how creating this space will add value to your home and your life.

Build A Fully-Loaded Deck

If you want to build an outside living space that really impresses people, something you can do is build a fully-loaded deck. A deck can easily become the epicenter of your outdoor living area if it has the right furniture, entertainment tools, and ambiance.

Start with the basics when building a deck. Contact a local deck builder to help you measure how big your deck can be and create a plan of action. They can help you figure out what materials are needed and how much it’ll cost to build your deck. Once your deck is built, you can put the works on it. You can shop for deck furniture, get a grill, and get accessories for your deck. Some people like to string lights along their decks to add some mood lighting, while others like to put up a lattice wall and have plants grow along it.

You can also get tech-savvy with your deck. You could set up wireless speakers that connect to your phone so you can play music or set up a projector for movie nights. These would be good options to consider if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining on your deck. The more activities, the better.

Build A Porch

Another way to create the perfect outside living space is to build a porch. A front porch provides another area where you can entertain friends and family and also bask in the views of your front yard. When building your new porch, take your home’s architecture into consideration. You want to build a porch that looks like it was originally built with your home. If you have a farm house, a wrap-around porch could add a timeless touch to your home and even boost your home’s value. If you have a more modern home, a wrap-around porch may not work well with the design. Instead, you could build a small front porch that provides an entertaining space right off your front door instead of around your entire house.

Keep logistics in mind when building your front porch. If you’ve been wanting to do some window repair for a while, try to get that project done before you build the porch. The last thing you want is broken glass or cracked window panes sprawled on your new porch. Also, keep in mind that you likely won’t have access to your front door for a bit when your porch is being built. Plan an alternative way for getting in and out of your house while this access is restricted.

Convert Your Garage Into An Entertaining Area

A unique outdoor living project to tackle is converting your garage into an entertaining area. This conversion can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You could reserve half the garage space for cars, and put something like a ping pong table or pool table in the other half. If you’re okay with not putting your cars in the garage, you could even convert your whole garage into something like a movie area or an entire game room.

Make sure converting your garage is the right move for you and your family. You may have invested in asphalt paving on your driveway recently to add value to your home and to make it easier for your cars to get to the garage. If that project served a purpose, you may want to utilize it for some time to get your return on investment.

Also, keep in mind that converting your garage may involve a few steps. You may have to contact a garage door service to get your garage door properly converted for your new living space. You’ll also likely need to add new interior and furniture, so be sure you plan and budget properly for these expenses.

Build A Fire Pit

Something small but effective you can do to create the perfect outside living space is build a fire pit. A fire pit can be used to gather your friends and family for a relaxing night by the fire. You can sit around the fire, roast marshmallows, and tell stories as the moon rises. How fun does that sound?

There are a number of ways you can build a fire pit. You could build a brick one yourself or with the help of friends. If you build a brick fire pit, make sure you use fire bricks instead of regular bricks. Regular bricks can shatter in heat and send hot shards streaming through the air. Using regular bricks is a safety hazard that should be avoided at all costs. If you don’t want to build a brick fire pit, you can also invest in a propane fueled or natural gas fueled pit. These types of pits can be picked up at the store and placed in your yard with little assembly required.

Invest in Hammocks

A piece of outdoor furniture that can create a comfortable outside living space is a hammock. A hammock is a piece of cloth or netting that’s suspended between two points, which are usually posts or trees. Using hammocks in your outdoor space can create a relaxing and laid back ambiance. It also provides a unique way to create more seating and gives yourself and your guests the option to relax in your space.

There are different types of hammocks you can look into buying. There are traditional rope hammocks, cloth hammocks, and even chair hammocks you can swing in. Pick the style of hammock that best fits with your outdoor decor. The better it all ties together, the more put together your space will look and feel.

Create A Fun Poolside Zone

Creating the perfect outside living space includes sprucing up your poolside zone. It can be easy to get swept up in everyday maintenance, like swimming pool cleaning and chlorine treatments. However, it’s important to maintain the space around your pool and make it a fun area for your friends and family to gather.

One thing you can do to create a fun poolside space is add in water fixtures, such as a waterfall. This will create an elegant pool look while also providing another space for your guests to enjoy the water. You can also add a water slide to the pool to make it more fun for family and friends. If you’re looking for smaller projects to improve your poolside zone, you can add in pool lighting and create a fun space where kids can put their pool toys. Even the smallest projects can have a big impact on your poolside zone.

Set Up A Garden

Creating the perfect outside living space includes paying attention to your lawn. If it could use some TLC, you could set up a garden to spruce it up. Planting a garden full of colorful flowers can add curb appeal and create a welcoming environment for your living space.

The kinds of flowers you plant will depend on what kind of aesthetic you want your space to have. If you want the space to be romantic, you could plant roses. If you want the space to feel earthy, you could plant sunflowers. If you aren’t sure what flowers would match your vision, you can consult a landscape designer and ask them to help. Setting up the right garden can add a welcoming and memorable touch to your outdoor space, so you want to make sure it’s set up right.

Put Up Attractive Fencing

Something that can hurt the aesthetic of your outside living space is your fencing. If you’re trying to create a rustic outdoor space, having a chain link fence will be jarring for your design. If you want your outdoor space to flourish, consider swapping out your fences. Instead of having metal fencing, you could opt for wooden fencing instead. Wooden fencing can create a softer look for an outdoor space. Plus, if you decide to swap the color scheme of your outdoor space, you can easily paint a wooden fence to fit in.

Putting up new fencing could be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. If you’re new to it, contact local fencing services and see how they can help you put up new fences. This way, you know you can get the job done right the first time instead of simply hoping you did everything correctly yourself.

Shop For The Right Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important parts of planning your outdoor living area is shopping for the right kind of outdoor furniture. This is the furniture your family and friends will lounge in for years to come. You want to make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and accents your home’s decor. You don’t want to choose anything that’s an exact match to your home’s exterior painting, but rather something that’ll complement it.

You can shop for different kinds of outdoor furniture. You can look for patio sets, poolside lounge chairs, or even sofa seating for your deck. While shopping for this furniture, ask yourself what kind of fabric or material you want your furniture to be made of. You may see an iron patio set you love, but will you be able to sit in it if it’s hot outside? Keep these things in mind as you shop, as it’ll save you some hassle in the long run.

Buying outdoor furniture doesn’t have to cause you to break the bank, either. Research stores in your area that have the best deals on outdoor furniture. Look up if any outlet stores near you sell outdoor furniture. Outlet stores typically sell overstocked products at a discounted price to get rid of inventory. You can also get a deal on outdoor furniture during “end of season” sales at stores. If it’s the end of summer or early fall, check if any stores are having a sale on outdoor furniture and decor. You could get a great deal and save the furniture for next year.

Build An Outdoor Mini Bar

If you have the budget for it, building an outdoor mini bar is a project that can help you create a fun outside living space. You can stock the mini bar with drinks and snacks for friends and family of all ages. It also provides another area where guests can mingle and relax during visits.

You’ll need materials such as wood and even asphalt shingles if you want to do roofing on the mini bar. You’ll also need to invest in a refrigerator that can withstand to be outdoors. A mini bar can be a fun project that also adds value to your home. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Creating the perfect outside living space can be an incredibly fun project to tackle. The right outdoor space can make your home the place people want to go to when they want to relax and have fun. Creating this perfect space takes time, effort, planning, and patience. Things may not go exactly to plan, but the key is to remember that it will all work out. You will create a space that yourself and your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

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