How to Make Custom Music Shirts Without Transfer Paper

Have you ever wanted a collection of music t-shirts that represent your favorite artists? Buying them at concerts and other events can get very expensive very quickly. While you won’t be able to replicate the designs you love perfectly, you will be able to show off your taste in music with custom music t-shirts you make yourself.

The video here shows a cheap and easy way to turn printed images into t-shirt designs. To get started, print out the design you want on a colored ink printer.

Video Source

This could be your favorite album art or a custom design you create yourself. Once you have it looking perfect, cut it out so there is no white border on the paper.

Place the print on the t-shirt, then wrap it completely in cling film. Place a piece of parchment paper over the wrapped print. Once the print is perfectly positioned on your shirt, begin to iron it onto the shirt through the parchment paper. The iron melts the clingfilm into the shirt. You should be able to remove the parchment paper and leave behind a perfectly adhered picture on the shirt.

Make sure to handwash your new music t-shirt to keep it looking perfect long into the future.

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