How to Make Cute Butterfly Scrunchies

Scrunchies are one of the best trends from the 90s that have come back into fashion. These adorable hair accessories make any hairstyle stand out from the crowd and add a pop of color near the face.

With scrunchies coming back into the spotlight, all kinds of online fashion creators and DIY sewing gurus are putting out their own versions of modern scrunchies. The one in the video linked on this page is a variation on bowtie or butterfly scrunchies. If you like the look of it, watch the whole tutorial to learn every step needed to make one for yourself.

Video Source

In order to create the bowtie on the scrunchie, the host of the video creates a standard fabric scrunchie and adds another piece of fabric to it. This fabric piece has a wire embedded into it to make it shapable. The crafter bends the bowtie piece into the perfect shape for the look she is going for and says it won’t flap around thanks to the wire inside it.

You can also purchase butterfly scrunchies from online retailers or small fashion boutiques in your area. They may also have other fun scrunchies in stock so you can start to build your scrunchie collection.


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