Walk-in Clinic, Family Doctor or Emergency Room?

When you get sick, sometimes it’s difficult to know where exactly you need to go. With so many different places out there, what sort of place can handle everything you’re dealing with? This brings up the question of whether you should go to a walk-in clinic, a family doctor, or an emergency room? The one place most people always try to avoid is the emergency room, but the one case where they can really help you is if you have a life-threatening injury. Most family doctors and walk-in clinics don’t have the means to treat these specific issues. If your issue is not as severe though and you live in the Burien, WA area, you may want to go to one of the many Burien WA walk in clinics. These clinics can typically treat anything ranging from a minor cold or fever to a cut that needs stitches.

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The last place to go is a family doctor, and this is usually reserved for a yearly appointment. Most family doctors don’t have everything they would need to be able to treat anything that comes through their doors. All three of these facilities are useful and ready to help you with your health needs.

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