Visiting the City of Lights with Your Family Creates Lifetime Memories

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The Summer of 2019 is looking to be a monumental celebration. Your oldest daughter will be graduating from college. Your youngest daughter will be graduating from high school. And you and your spouse will be celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary. While your girls think that you should celebrate by traveling to Hawaii, the adults in the family have even bigger plans. You have already started working on scheduling a family vacation to the City of Lights, Paris, France.
While a summer vacation on the beaches of Hawaii may seem inviting to high school and college age girls, as parents you understand the greater impact a family vacation out of the country can have. While your husband has several historical monuments on his travel list for visiting Paris, you also plan to take in the most popular art museums and other cultural events. The list of places that you want to see on your Paris vacation, in fact, is the first indictor that this will be a trip that will include at least two weeks away from home. The fact that the girls are getting older though makes the scheduling even more important. One last opportunity to travel as a family of four before careers, college, and weddings likely begin to fill your calendars.
Some of the Most Popular Historical Monuments in Paris
While some are familiar names that are instantly recognizable even to people who have never traveled abroad, other Paris historical monuments are lesser known:

  • Eiffel Tower Originally built for the 1889 Paris International Exhibition, this metal monument was initially the tallest structure in the world. In what seems to be an attempt to challenge its size, today’s visitors often try to juxtapose themselves and Paris’ most famous icon in clever photos.
  • Notre-Dame Although the youngest Americans may know this magnificent church from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the rest of the world has long known it as a famously styled Gothic church. Like other churches in Europe, the centuries it took to construct during the Middle Ages is a story of the fine craftsmanship that was famous at the time. Generations of masons and builders from the same families would have literally spent their entire lives on the project.
  • Palace of Versailles Located just a few miles outside of Paris this historical monument began as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII. Later, Louis XIV turned it into a grand palace. Whether visitors decide to spend the majority of their time walking the vast gardens or the ornate halls of the palace itself, this can easily be an all day tour.
  • Arc de Triomphe This central location is the hub of where 12 different avenues originate. Originally built to honor French Imperial army of Napoleon, this monument is frequently visited and photographed when it is lit up at night.
  • Pantheon This NeoClassical monument was originally a church. Later it served as a gathering place for the finest citizens of Paris. Now it serves as one of Paris’ most famous and most visited monuments.

Accommodations in Paris Vary in Style and in Price
While college students traveling to Paris for a class may find themselves staying in newly remodeled hostiles that allow for affordable eating and sleeping options, families traveling to Paris can select a wide array of choices. Luxury apartment rentals allow families staying for an extended trip to have enough room to rest and relax between long days of touring. Hotels with all of the comforts of home, including concierge services, can provide an atmosphere where visitors can find what they need when they want it in a simple phone call to the front desk.
As today’s travelers continue to find ways to travel the world and experience the its cultures, Paris is the recipient of many of these guests. In fact, in the year 2015, 16.06 million international overnight visitors arrived in Paris. This number was an increase from the 15.56 million in 2014.
Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon for two immediately following your upcoming wedding, or you are looking a few years ahead to a monumental whole family vacation for your 30th wedding anniversary, the City of Lights will welcome you.

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