4 Items You Need in Your Wardrobe TODAY

Footed pajama

Did you know that about 45% of consumers prefer shopping for fashion items online, rather than off? This is not too surprising — the selection online is often far larger than what one can find in a store, and technology is making it increasingly easy for people to digitally ?try on? merchandise without ever leaving their home.

You may be feeling like your current wardrobe could use a pick-me-up. You?ve recently looked back at some of your photos from five years ago — and you?re a little shocked to see that you?re still wearing many of the same outfits!

It?s time to pull out your keyboard and work on a little reinvention. Here are four great items you should consider checking out — and these are all items that fit most people well, eliminating the annoyance of having to go to the post office to return the perfect dress that just refuses to fit.

1. Statement Necklaces

You may be wearing the same thin silver chain you?ve always worn. This isn?t bad! However, you should consider investing in a ?statement necklace.? These are large, eye catching necklaces that usually sit close to the neck. They?re a great accessory to have because they can turn a jeans and tshirt outfit into something worthy of a night on the town. In other words — they add versatility to your existing wardrobe.

2. Pajama Onesies Adults Can Wear

If your waking self can look fabulous, so can your sleeping self! This is an especially fun option of you have roommates. Footed pajamas for adults come in a variety of colors and designs — on a serious note, though, it?s important to be comfortable while you sleep so you catch up on those needed Z?s and wake up feeling refreshed. Pajama onesies adults can wear also double as great costume ideas.

3. Pleather Leggings

Want? You need this item in your wardrobe because it?s going to be the one thing everyone asks you about when you go out. As opposed to leather, pleather is fairly lightweight and breathable — basically like ordinary leggings, except they?re a lot more eye catching. Wear them under a long shirt with black shoes and watch everyone turn around to see what you have on.

4. Unique Hat

Even though hats are such a staple of fashion, people rarely seem to wear them out. This is a mistake because a hat can absolutely make an outfit. The right hat for you might be a french-style beret, or it could be a more slouchy black knit. Whatever hat you choose, you’ll be glad to have something that can add a bit of flair to your everyday outfits going forward.

Do you plan on getting a hat, pleather leggings, pajama onesies adults can wear, or a statement necklace?

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