What Do You Do to Protect Your Skin from Sun and Other Harmful Exposures?

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May Day! May Day!
In addition to being a fun informal holiday in the midwestern states where young children attempt to anonymously deliver small baskets of flowers and candies, May 1 is also a date that gets many to thinking about the upcoming summer. As schools across the country prepare to wrap up their academic year and the weather finally begins to warm up, the May Day warning that many are thinking about is short and swim suit weather.
Is your body ready for the pool, the beach, or the family vacation? After many months of being able to cover nearly every inch of their bodies with warm winter clothing, many see May 1 as the final indicator that the long sleeve sweaters and warm neck scarves will need to be put away.
And while many Americans are preparing for their summer days in the sun, an entire profession of doctors and dermatologists are hoping that the summer months will further encourage the use of sun screen and other skin care products. Although the youngest sun worshippers may not have yet followed the advice to use anti aging skin care products and sunscreens, an entire older generation is looking for an anti aging exfoliant regimen. Through the use of an anti wrinkle cream and other anti aging treatments, many hope to enjoy the warmth of summer without damaging their skin.
Did you know, for example, that the global skin care market is expected to be valued at about $154 billion by the year 2021? Although dermatologists and other specialists have often talked to their patients about the importance of protecting their skin, this information is now a part of nearly every discussion with any person preparing to to head outside.
These Precautions May Help Prevent Premature Aging of Skin
While an anti aging exfoliant may help erase the effects of too much sun, consider these preventative measures even before you head outside:

  • Take 1,000 IUs of vitamin D a day can precent the signs of aging.
  • Limit outdoor exercise to the late morning or early evening.
  • If possible, avoid the sun from the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, when the sun is the most potent.
  • Consider purchasing anti aging exfoliants and other skin care products. Creams with Vitamin C, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid promote healthy skin rejuvenation.

As you turn the calendar from April to May what are you doing to prepare yourself for summer’s more revealing fashions. A daily beauty care regimen can help you look your best instead of screaming for help. Get more here.

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