Tips for Finding the Right Engagement Ring Without Breaking the Bank

Custom engagement rings

Finding an engagement ring is never a simple process, and it’s only more difficult if money is tight. But there are plenty of ways to get the ring of your partner’s dreams without draining your savings account, and here are just a few:

Set a Budget

You don’t necessarily have to reveal the price of your ring to your significant other, but you should talk about finances before you go shopping for one. Get a feel for what they’d prefer you to spend. You may be ready to lay half your savings down for custom jewelry from a top engagement ring store, but if your partner is frugal, that might not be the best gift you can give them. On the other hand, if you’re realistic about finances and your partner doesn’t think about them much, they might expect something less practical and more expensive. Try to get on the same page before you start visiting fine jewelers.

Don’t feel like you need to follow a set rule about how much a ring should cost. Your financial situation, lifestyle and job should play into things. Don’t be afraid to break from tradition if you feel like that’s what your partner would prefer.

Consider Diamond Alternatives

Again, this is something you should try to discuss first with your partner, as more traditional individuals might be offended by anything less than a diamond. But for someone a little less traditional, there are several cheaper and just as fashionable options out there. Moissanite is thousands of dollars cheaper but can actually shine brighter than a diamond is more resistant to abrasion and damage.

Colored stones may also be a great choice for the less traditional couple. They’re gorgeous and usually only cost a fraction of what a diamond would. You should also consider asking your partner’s family about any heirloom diamonds you could use. They’ll be cheaper and more sentimental than a new diamond. You can also consider non-gold engagement rings.

Find Good Jewelers

Good jewelers work within your means to find you the best option for your financial situation. While bad jewelers may upcharge you or pressure you into choosing something you don’t want, good jewelers make sure to give you plenty of cost-saving alternatives without sacrificing quality.

Have any tricks have you used to find an affordable engagement ring? Let us know in the comments!

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