Buying Cowboy Boots for the First Time? Here are Four Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pair

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Cowboy boots: after the ten-gallon hat, these accessories are probably the most recognizable pieces of western fashion in the world. They’re a favorite of men, women, and children in all areas of the world, and they’re not limited to those who like to spend their time at rodeos and ranches.

Those who are new to buying cowboy boots, however, may find themselves overwhelmed with the number of styles, brands, and choices available. Some cowboy boots can also be fairly pricey, so they can be an investment for some wearers. Here are four things everyone should consider before buying a first pair of cowboy boots:

The type of leather used to make cowboy boots is often one of the biggest considerations. Finished leather will have a polished, shiny look to it, and it needs to be kept free of dust and dirt in order to stay that way. Unfinished leather tends to have a more rugged, matte look, but it should still be kept clean, too.

Styles of cowboy boots can vary from western riding boots and work boots to the traditional cowboy boot style, and buyers can find just about any color they would like if they know where to search. Also, it’s crucial to keep in mind the height of the boot and its heel. Some boots stop at the ankle, whereas others can approach the knees. Additionally, while higher heels are found on women’s styles, all cowboy boots typically have at least a little bit of a heel to them. Trying these boots on to assess comfort is an important step before buying.

While brand isn’t a guarantee of quality, many western wear enthusiasts will develop a preference for one or more brands. Cinch, Tin Haul, and Ariat boots for men and women are all popular choices, but there are far more than those names available. At outlets and online, shoppers may be able to find discount cowboy boots from a variety of designers.

Prices for cowboy boots can range from affordable to expensive depending on a number of factors. Discount cowboy boots may not have a name brand, for instance. More expensive western style boots may give the wearer more choice in terms of style, color, leather type, etc. Ultimately, purchasing discount cowboy boots versus those that are priced at a premium is really up to the buyer.

Those with questions should research their options thoroughly before making a purchase. Try them on and ask a sales associate if purchasing in store, or read plenty of reviews online before buying.

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