Do You Know About the History of Vaping?

Rechargeable e cig

Smokers, hookah enthusiasts, and even those who have never touched a tobacco cigarette have by now heard about vaping, or the use of an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes, often shortened to “e cigs,” have helped some people quit smoking and given others a nicotine-free or low-nicotine alternative to hookah smoking.

Many people who use e cigarettes, however, don’t know their vaping history or just how far back the use of electronic cigarettes goes. Similarly, many others may not realize that today’s e cigs go far beyond the “cig-alikes” of the past. Whether you’re new to vaping or not, here’s what you should know about e cigs:

The early days of vaping history
Despite becoming commercially available about a decade ago, the very first electronic cigarettes were invented in the 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert and used “heated moist flavored air.” They didn’t catch on until a Chinese pharmacist and inventor, Hon Lik, developed and patented what we know as the modern e cigarette as part of a smoking cessation effort. A couple of years later, the product began shipping internationally and started appearing in pharmacies and convenience stores in the U.S.

The difference between e cigs and vapor cigarettes
One distinction that vaping enthusiasts often make is the difference between commercially available disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes and the more advanced vapor cigarettes (or vapor pens). Most regular e cigs look like tobacco cigarettes. More advanced vapor pens, which tend to produce more vapor and are often customized.

Vaping subculture
Today, vaping has become such a big deal that it has even spawned its own subculture. Vapers often create customized vapor cigarettes (also known as “third generation electronic cigarettes”) and regularly host meetups and events.

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