Three Ways You Can Cut a Good Deal on Leather Furniture

Dining room furniture

If you’re thinking about buying new furniture, you’d be wise to go with some new, leather pieces. They’re sophisticated, durable, and extremely comfortable. Leather furniture has an air of elegance, and lends its class to any room it inhabits. Plus, leather is tough, and can stand the test of time, unlike other, lesser materials. What’s more, leather contours to the sitter’s body, and gets softer over time, which make it an incredibly comfy material.

However, leather furniture can be pretty expensive, often costing hundreds much more than other pieces. That being said, furniture is still the third most expensive investment a person can make, and you do get what you pay for. You wouldn’t want to get the cheapest house or car you can, so why would you want to get the cheapest furniture?

Of course, getting leather furniture for less is still much more preferable than having to pay full price. If you’d like to deck your house out with the best leather furniture money can get without ruining your bank account in the process, then try negotiating.

Wait Until January or July, If You Can.

New furniture gets released every February and August, which means that most furniture stores are trying to get rid of as much product as possible in January and July to make room for the new pieces. This also means that they’re more likely to cut you a better deal during these months, since there’s more urgency to the deals. If possible, wait until January or July to buy your leather furniture.

Ask For More.

One of the most common and basic negotiation tactics is to ask for more. There’s almost an unspoken acknowledgement between the buyer and seller that the first offer is not going to be what the final price. However, it never hurts to ask. Go in to the negotiations knowing what deal you’d actually like on the leather furniture, and ask for twice or thrice as good of a deal. Then, work your way down until you get to the price you’d actually like. If you buy the leather furniture in January or July, you may be able to get an even better than what you hoped for.

Learn to Flinch.

Going off of our last tip, consider flinching when the seller offers their own deal. This is a great way to put the salesperson on uneven footing, without actually rejecting the offer. If you flinch, the furniture salesperson will either explain why they have to offer that price, which you can then use to try to work something better out, or they’ll just flat out give you a better deal.

Adding some living room furniture made out of leather is one of the best, modern home furnishing ideas around. If you wait until January or July, ask for more, and flinch, you’ll be able to get an amazing deal on leather furniture.

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