The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Botox Treatments

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Social media platforms are bussing over actress Renee Zellweger’s recent transformation. Her new look has garnered much attention and public outcry, with heated debates over whether or not she “had work done”. While speculation continues over the morality of plastic surgery and injectable fillers and wrinkle treatments such as Juvederm and Botox, it’s undeniable that both of these treatments, as well as other cosmetic procedures, have a number of physical and psychological benefits.

Botox treatments are commonly used by both men and women to achieve a more youthful, radiant appearance while maintaining a natural look. Over the course of the last decade, they have become increasingly popular to treat and prevent signs of aging. Botox is considered one of the best wrinkle treatments available due it’s natural appearance, convenience, and little to no recovery time. “Botox injections are the ideal cosmetic procedure: dramatic benefits, few side effects and adjustable to achieve desired results,” according to Dr. Janis P. Campbell, Dermatologist at Laser Rejuvenation Clinic and Spa of Calgary. Similiarly, Juvederm injections are used to give volume to areas of the face that may have sagged due to aging, such as cheekbones and lips.

However, Botox treatments are no only for aesthetic purpose. Botox is commonly used to treat chronic migraine headaches, a painful and often debilitating condition that affects many Americans. “Not only does Botox alleviate migraine and tension headaches, thereby increasing an individual’s feeling of well being, studies also show that Botox proves the old adage: when you look good you feel good,” Campbell states.

A countless number of studies have proven that one’s self esteem is directly tied to their perception of their outward appearance. Cosmetic procedures, such as plastic surgery or the use of anti-aging treatments, allows patients to build their self esteem, thereby benefiting their overall well being. Confidence goes a long way in terms of both the personal and professional areas of one’s life, which is many people such as celebrities or those in public eye, choose to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Of course, there are those who may take advantage of plastic surgery or the use of Botox treatments and other injectables, however, these cases are few and far between. The goal of anti-aging practices is to look continue looking like yourself, just a naturally more youthful version. Often times, the result of most treatments are so subtle that only the patient and those closest to them notice.

While many criticize actors and actresses for their decision to undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, it’s important to remember that the decision to do so is a personal one. You are more likely to live a healthier, more fulfilling life if you feel confident in your appearance. More like this blog.

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