These Tips on Caring for Your Hair Extensions Will Change Your Life

Hair salon shop

The hair salon industry is increasingly catering to women who want to get a weave or extensions to add natural-looking volume and length to their locks. In fact, in the last two years alone, there’s been a 28.5% growth in the number of hair salon shops offering hair extensions!

And if you just got hair extensions, you’ll want to take extra good care of them to make sure they last as long as they should. To make sure your new hair extensions look natural and healthy for as long as possible, here are a few essential tips and tricks for maintaining your sew in hair extensions and beauty:

Brush your hair twice a day

You might feel reluctant to brush your hair when you have extensions in; after all, brushing your hair will just pull your extensions out, right? Not exactly. By brushing your hair twice daily, you’ll be ensuring that your natural hair that falls out doesn’t become tangled up with your extensions. Just be sure to always brush in a downward motion and to only use a soft-bristled brush.

Stay away from harsh hair products

When you get extensions, you’ll need to start using gentle shampoos and conditioners that won’t harm your extensions. As a general rule, only use shampoo that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Also stay away from dandruff shampoos and products that contain alcohol, which can make hair dry and brittle.

Use heat in moderation

It can be tempting to want to style your newly-long locks using a flat iron or curling iron — but don’t fall into this temptation! Also try to let your hair air-dry as often as possible. If you absolutely must use a heated tool to style your hair, don’t apply the heat near your extension bonds.

Want to know even more about keeping your weave or extensions looking like you just walked out of the hair salon shop? Ask us any questions you may have by leaving a comment below! More research here.

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