Tape In Extensions The Latest Trend in Adding Length to Your Hair

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More than ever before, millions of women across the country are turning to the best hair salon shops in their area to get hair extensions. That’s because no other beauty solution offers a way to add body to hair and length to one’s short hair styles with such ease and convenience.

And as hair technologies continue to improve, hair extensions will increasingly look just like your own hair, meaning no one will even notice they’re there! It’s no surprise that there are 28.5% more salons offering hair extension services than there were two years ago.

Getting hair extensions doesn’t have to take hours, either — thanks to a new type of hair extension called tape in hair extensions.

According to Allure magazine, tape in hair extension services use a strong double-sided adhesive tape and a keratin bonding to attach wefts of hair extensions to your own hair. This bond is completely waterproof, meaning you can wash your hair and even go swimming as much as you’d like.

Contrary to what you might assume, taping a set of hair extensions to your natural strands won’t actually damage your hair — nor does it leave behind a sticky residue that can be a pain to get out. On average, a set of tape in extensions will last about three months.

To make your tape in hair extensions look like you just stepped out of the salon every day, Allure gives these three tips to help you care for your new tape in extensions:

When drying your hair, go for the bonds first

The bonds of your hair — where the extensions are attached to your real hair — are fairly fragile, and especially so while they’re wet. To make sure you don’t tug on your wet bonds, be sure to dry your roots first.

Steer clear of the flat iron

Applying intense and direct heat to your tape in bonds — the kind of heat that comes from flat irons and curling irons — should be avoided as much as possible. Not only is it bad for your extensions, but it can cause the keratin bond to cement itself to your natural hair, making it difficult to remove your extensions.

Invest in a high-quality dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a godsend for tape in extensions because it helps keep moisture out of the keratin bond and adhesive. This means your extensions will ultimately stay put for longer.

What are your thoughts on tape in hair extension services? Would you opt for them over clip in or sew in hair extensions? Let us know in the comments below.

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