The Top Three Interesting Things You Never Knew About Charm Bracelet History

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People see jewelry every day, whether it is in bridal jewelry stores where you shop for a loved one, or perhaps Pandora jewelry stores where you buy silver jewelry charms for mom. Despite this, many people are really unaware of the history behind the jewelry. Here are three charm bracelet history facts you might not have known:

1. Jewelry Goes Way Back

Sometimes people pass down jewelry for generations, and that generates a lot of pride in families. This is the same necklace my grandmother wore on the boat over here, someone might say. In point of fact, however, the tradition of jewelry goes back a lot further than anyone might have guessed. Scientists have found evidence that suggests jewelry may have been worn as far back as 75,000 years ago. Imagine an heirloom like that!

2. They Were Royally Popular in Europe

Far after that, charm bracelets fell into the vogue for Queen Victoria. All the European nobles started sporting neat bracelets until Prince Albert died when they became even more popular as Queen Victoria sparked the trend for black mourning bracelets with a lock of the deceased’s hair. The bracelets have not died down in popularity since.

3. Eventually They Migrated to America

After that, just as the colonizers did, the charm bracelets eventually migrated to American soil in the 1950s. They were traditionally used to record important moments in life as they came, which is as good a purpose as any for wearing jewelry, and has developed to what we see here today. What do you think about charm bracelets? More like this:

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