The Resurgence of Men’s Dress Shoes

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In our modern economy, the men’s dress wear is making a very nice comeback. Maybe it has to do with the popularity of the AMC television show Mad Men. Maybe it’s the way millennial young men took to that classic style of dress as an example of what class looks like for men on the job. Whatever the cause of the movement, men’s fashion has been moving toward a much more classic way.

From the styles of the suits to the occasional hat, classic has not totally gone out of style. One of the most important ways to begin your move toward a style that will last is to invest from the ground up. A good, quality pair of leather oxford shoes or Italian loafers or even a pair of exotic dress shoes will set the tone for a work or night out where you are dressed to impress.

As far as men’s shoes go, they have always been behind the ladies with regard to the value they have in the market. Out of the entire shoe market, men’s shoes only account for about 6% of the total. Women’s shoes have always been the ones that have stood out. Women traditionally are the gender that spends the most on shoes, having several different pairs in their closet arsenal.

Luxury leather shoes and luxury leather belts are not made only for women, however. Mens leather oxford shoes, for example, are made to endure. They are designed to take the stress from the flexing that men’s feet put them through on a daily basis. A good pair of leather dress shoes will take the brunt of tens of thousands of flexes before wearing out.

From the recent years, 2009 to 2014, men’s designer shoes have seen a retail value sales growth of 39% as an evidence of the growth of leather oxford shoes and exotic shoes of all kinds. The young men of today are joining their fathers and grandfathers and taking a hold of the classic style of men’s dress wear.

Today’s generation of young men is heading from college out into a competitive job market where they want to be able to look like they belong. They want to dress for success and bring that success along with them into their careers and personal lives.

It has never been a mystery that women love a sharp-dressed man. One of the reasons they love a sharp-dressed man is that when a man takes the time to put himself together, he is showing the world he cares. He is showing the world he takes himself seriously. When a man takes himself seriously, it is not too difficult to see why others around him would want to take him seriously, as well.

If you are looking to upgrade your look, start from the ground and work upward. Leather oxford shoes are a great example of what makes a man.

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