Buying Men’s Dress Shoes A Basic Guide

Mens designer dress shoes

Buying shoes for men can be more difficult than buying shoes for women. Yes, women are stereotypically seen as the ones with picky taste regarding fashion — but the fact is that men care about appearances, too. Men want to look good, but finding shoes that are both practical and fashionable for men can be difficult. The market simply isn’t as big for men as it is for women, and this means that there’s a fairly niche market for men’s shoes that look great and function well. The selection gets even narrower when you start looking for leather shoes for men. Of course, if there’s one place that excels in leather-making consistently, it’s Italy. Italy has been known for its fine production values for centuries — particularly when it comes to shoes. Italian leather shoes are a cut above the rest, and Italian shoemakers are set apart when it comes to high end mens shoes. Below, we’ll look into what you should look for when shopping for Italian leather shoes, and what makes shopping for men different from shopping for women. The more educated you are before shopping for shoes, the more likely you’ll be to make the right decision.

Formal Shoes For Men: Knowing What You’re Looking For

Not all Italian leather shoes are meant for formal occasions. Italian loafers, for example, are often worn by men on a typical walk about town in Italy. With that being said, oftentimes when people are looking for leather shoes for men, they’re interested in more formal shoes. The issue with formal shoes is that, while they might last longer because they’re worn less often, they can also be less comfortable if they’re off subpar quality. Italian leather shoes are different from typical formal shoes in that they are beautiful while at the same time feeling comfortable. These shoes make up more of the market than you might think — men’s dress shoes comprise 6% of the total shoe market. Of course, not all formal shoes are made like. There are many different variations on formal shoes, but when it comes to lace-up dress shoes, there are two main types. These are Derbies and Oxfords. Each type is more suited to different occasions, and therefore you should talk with the person you’re hoping to buy for ahead of time — of course, they won’t always know what they want, either. In that case, many makers of Italian leather shoes are available to advise customers about what shoes would be best for their needs.

Exotic Leather: Apart From The Crowd

Most often, leather is made from cow skin. However, more exotic types of leather are on the market, and can be made into shoes. Some men prefer to exotic leather over traditional leather because of the look; for others, the feel is different. Of course, it should go without saying that exotic leather will typically cost more than traditional leather. Part of this price hike is because exotic leather is more difficult to find than traditional leather, even if it is available. Stingray, crocodile, and python, all fall into what is called the “other” category of leather. Therefore, they account for only 1% of all globally-traded leathers. No matter what, Italian leather shoes will be an investment. That investment will simply be a bit steeper if you choose exotic leather over traditional leather.

Caring For Your Leather Shoes: The Long Term

Leather shoes are naturally sturdy, but you of course will want to make sure that they last for as long as possible. Typically, leather dress shoes can withstand tens of thousands of foot flexes. But using supplemental items like shoe trees and shoe polish, you can extend the lifespan of your shoes by as much as 10 times. Shoe trees will help your shoes keep their shape, while polish will ensure that they look nice and shiny for as long as possible. Take pride in your shoes, and you’ll be amazed by how long they last.

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