Instagram Photographers Changing the Way Pictures are Taken and Shared

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Times truly have changed. Only a few decades ago it seems like you could count the number of jobs that people had on one hand. Now, there are more subcategories for strange, new, niche jobs than there even were jobs back then.

Many people look at this as a bad thing because there aren’t as many high paying jobs, but today the amount of opportunities out there exceeds any previous generation.

Take photographers, for instance. A few years ago, there were a handful of professional photographers who went to school for years, got jobs with major publications, and handed in their work to their superiors at the end of their work week or month or year. Now, if you have the motivation and the eye, you can earn a living doing semiprofessional photography before you even graduate from high school.

Instagram started off as a cool new way to share pictures with your friends but has since evolved into something much larger. There are hundreds of ways to use Instagram and just about every major organization, company, celebrity, and person uses it. Companies post pictures relating to their business, celebrities post thousands of pictures of their fans, projects, and expensive cars, and people post pictures of animals, food, and sometimes other stuff.

There are even companies that are specifically tailored for Instagram. It’s such a bizarre world now but because of all these options it makes for such amazing creative outlets for people who want to share something with the world.

“We have an insatiable appetite for images,” said Dr. Daniel Palmer, a former curator at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. “The challenge is to produce images that make us see the world differently.”

This could be Instagram’s slogan. There are people who have devoted their entire careers and lives to sharing their photos via Instagram and actually are earning living wages doing so. Some of these photographers travel all over the world to the most beautiful places, get comped for pretty much everything, and enjoy these wonderful countries.

They are comped for travel expenses, food, and pretty much everything else because they are often so popular on Instagram, local companies that are being featured in the photos end up paying sort of an advertising expense for these pictures.

Whether you’re finding a photographer to photograph your wedding, family photographers taking pictures of families all over the world, Instagram travelers, or any other kind of professional, it can all be found through Instagram.

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