Are You Getting Ready to Move Back to Your College Dorm?

Cowhide leather rugs

Second year in college is a whole new ball game. After spending the first year in a crowded dorm room with a great friend, you have decided to try something different. Making the change mainly because you want to stay best friends, you and your college teammate have decided to not love together. You are both certain that your friendship will be even stronger if someone else is having to bug her about picking up the room, making the bed, and cleaning the floor. It is not that she was a slop, but she was all too willing to let you pick up for her. And since she found someone else who is willing to be the maid and your parents have agreed for you to have a single room, you are more than excited about this year’s move in.
With decorating inspiration coming from a vibrant patchwork area rug, you have selected a simple grey comforter for the bed and have collected a series of colorful pillows with playful sayings that imitate the colors in the patchwork area rug. Although your freshman dorm room was mostly decorated with your high school passion of purple, this sophomore private room has a more grown up fee. Gone is the faded chevron rug that was so light in color it showed every spot, and you are looking forward to the low pile and easier to clean surface of the patchwork area rug. The mix of bright colors should hide any stains pretty well and this year you will be even more in control of cleaning up an messes right when they happen.
Even Dorm Rooms and First Apartments Can Display the Character of the Owner
When your parent’s generation left for college, their move may have been a one car affair. Simply saying good bye to their parents on the front porch and driving away in a car only half full, college students a generation ago had simply decorated rooms. Today, however, college moves often involve entire families with several cars bulging with tubs of clothing and bedding and boxes of furniture that you will put together when the whole crew moves in. And while the freshman move in day can seem like a real event full of pictures fro social media posts, the following years are sometimes a little less intense.
College students and first time apartment renters who are lucky enough to live on their own can make bold statements about their personalities and their style through carefully purchased accessories. Starting with a favorite patchwork area rug or a striped cowhide rug serves as a palette for other decorating decisions. In a small space like a dorm room or first apartment it may indeed be a carefully selected black and white patchwork rug that dictates what visitors remember most about your space.
And while some may go for a bright statement other college dorm residents may go for a more neutral patchwork carpet design that only serves to keep the floor from being too cold during the winter months. No matter if you select a rug that will cover an entire space or a rug that will simply cover a small area, one of the most important decisions may not be the rug itself, but the padding that is placed underneath. Even a thinner less expensive rug will be more comfortable with a carpet pad underneath.
Carpeting Continues to be a Popular Flooring Choice
Even with all of the flooring options available today, carpeting still accounts for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market. Even though families are tempted by the new composite flooring options that look like wood floors and the growing number of tiles that are available in large pieces, carpet still holds its own. It is a flooring option that provides warmth and durability. The latest carpets, in fact, come with stain resistant coatings that make cleaning even more manageable.
For some, the appeal of an American made carpet is appealing. In fact, as much as 85% of the U.S. carpet and rug market is produced by mills located within a 65-mile area of Dalton, Georgia. This percentage accounts for an estimated $8 billion in business activity for this southern company.
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