How to Decide Where to Rent Wedding Table Linens

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Planning a wedding is extremely hard and takes a lot of thought and careful consideration of every little detail. There are tons of minor elements that can really make or break the atmosphere of a wedding party- and these components can add a lot of money to the overall cost of a wedding. One major piece that every guest will be looking at on your special day, but may be overlooked in your original wedding plan, are table linens. A great way to cut costs while still having a large variety of choice in color, texture, and fabric is renting table linens. There are many options for linen rental companies, but some important factors to consider before decision time are cost, cleanliness, and style. Here are some tips on where to rent table linens for weddings!

Tips for Deciding Where to Rent Table Linens for Weddings

    1. Determining cleanliness of linens and policy protection against minor damage and stains.

    The guests at your wedding are going to have a great time partying, dancing, and, most importantly, eating. You want to make sure that the tablecloth rentals are clean before you get them to mitigate any last minute need for washing, drying, or ironing which can make your special day extra stressful. This also protects your younger guests and children from any harmful germs ending up in their mouths or on their hands. You also want to be mindful of your wedding day menu, and the possibility of staining these rental linens. In order to avoid any extra charges, your linen rental policy should protect you against stains from foods, drinks, candles, and other centerpieces. Definitely pick a rental company that is flexible in their policy, and willing to resolve any issue that may arise concerning the cleanliness of the party linen rentals. Carefully read through their terms and conditions before picking out a specific company.

    2. Be concerned with cost.

    It is no secret that weddings are expensive, but your wedding is one of the most important days of your entire life and you want to make sure everything looks perfect, regardless of the cost. Buying linens for your wedding can increase the price of your wedding astronomically, plus you have no use for them after your big day. The national average cost of a wedding in 2010 was $26,984 based on a poll of 18,000 couples done by The Real Weddings Survey. You do not want to increase that number any more just to have the right table linens. Knowing where to rent table linens for weddings and comparing costs between companies is crucial to pinching pennies. As the years go by, the amount spent on weddings will only increase, so do your best to save money for your honeymoon and that perfect white dress by renting table linens and chair coverings.

    3. Create a timeless look.

    Just because you are renting table linens does not mean you have to give up style! Decide what type of look you are going for before you pick where to rent table linens for weddings. Whether you want a textured look, a pastel theme, or a patterned tabletop, all options exist at the right rental companies. Pastels are always a good choice to mix and match for a stylish look, while neutral hues, golds, pinks, and peaches are vintage and timeless. Patterns such as chevron, zig-zag, and checkered create an interesting appeal, while tabletop centerpieces and flowers can tie up the whole style. Whatever look you are dreaming of can be accomplished through linen rentals!

These are just a few factors to look for before deciding on where to rent table linens for weddings. Talk to your wedding planner, mom, or trusted friend and discuss what style you are looking for and what your budget is before determining where to rent table linens for weddings. There are lots of choices out there- so do not rush! Take your time and make your special day one you will never forget. And remember, asking other recently married friends and reading reviews is crucial to really picking out great table linens.

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