Idris Elba Starts Production on His First Film

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The star of the television show Luther is set to begin producing his first film, Yardie. The story of this film revolves around a young man arriving in London, England in the 80s. In this film, the man finds an enemy who had killed his brother nearly 10 years ago.

Elba is not a stranger to appearing in the front of the camera. After the success of his television show Luther, Elba has found massive success in America. One notable appearance was alongside Charlie Hunnam in the blockbuster Pacific Rim. The film Yardie is based on a novel that was released in 1992.

However, certain fans of Idris Elba do not want him to stay behind the screen. There has been an overwhelming amount of support to make Elba the first African-American James Bond. The current Bond, Daniel Craig, is still starring in these films. However, a future opening for Elba in this role is a distinct possibility.

The next time many of us will see Elba on the big screen is in the upcoming Dark Tower film adaption. Elba will star alongside Matthew McConaughey. This film is based on a series of popular novels from world famous author Stephen King. Dark Tower is set to be released on August 4th. Elba will be playing the lead role.

The Dark Tower film adaption will revolve around Elba looking to find a secret to saving the world. However, Elba must overcome the evil plans that McConaughey has in store for him in this film. Many are already talking about how great this film looks. Be prepared to follow your favorite black gossip website to find out more as production continues.

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