Could a Better Pair of Shoes Make Your Work Day More Comfortable?

Luxury ostrich skin boots

The discomfort is not evident early in the morning, but by the end of the day it cannot be ignored. After an eight to 10 hour day, the pain in your feet is not easy to ignore. After several weeks and months or throbbing foot pain late at night, you knew that you needed to make a change. Upon careful examination, you discovered that there was a common trait in the shoes that you left your feet comfortable and rested at the end of the day, and that there was also a missing trait in the set of shoes that left your feet in pain: a goodyear welt.
At first, however, you did not even know that phrase, but it was easy to visually recognize the strip of leather, made from either plastic or rubber, running along the perimeter of a shoe outsole. Named for the piece of machinery used for the process that was first developed by Charles Goodyear, Jr., in 1869. A recognizable name because he is the son of Charles Goodyear, the engineer who discovered the chemical process that created and manufactured pliable, moldable, and waterproof rubber.
With the development of the goodyear welt, a time-consuming method by modern standards, the younger Goodyear is credited with the shoe making method that is still considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction. Perhaps, though, it should come as no surprise that the father son team developed two different needed bases. The rubber that is needed to support and propel cars through the development of tires and the strip of outer sole leather that provides both comfort and stability in the best made footwear both serve as industry standards that have lasted for decades.
Do You Know What Makes the Best Shoes Both Durable and Comfortable?
Whether you are looking at mens alligator shoes, luxury ostrich skin boots, or the most traditional Italian leather shoes, it is important to invest in footwear that provides both comfort and durability. And while fashion is important to many, how a shoes looks will not keep your feet comfortable throughout a long day of rushing to meetings and airport flight. In many cases, purchasing a quality piece of footwear that is formed with the goodyear welt is often the best decision.
Few people who care about fashion will purchase an unattractive pair of shoes, but for some reason these same discerning consumers will make the mistake of purchasing a shoe that is not well made, but looks good at first glance. Using a better approach, the most satisfied footwear customers start by looking for a common quality trait like the goodyear welt to serve as the one necessary characteristic before even trying on a single shoe.
Once a consumer makes the investment in a quality pair of shoes, it is essential that these purchases are well cared for. Two specific habits can, in fact, help protect your investment and extend the life of a well made pair of shoes. The first approach is really very easy. The commitment to routinely rotating shoes can have a significant impact on the life of a pair of shoes. The main reason for rotating shoes at least once every other day is that footwear materials compress throughout the day, and rotating the shoes that you wear will give shoes time to spring back to normal.
In addition to rotating the pairs of shoes that you wear, the best pair of shoes should be stored on shoe trees. These storage pieces help retain the shape of the shoe, as well as facilitate shoes drying out faster. The two basic types of shoe trees are made from either wood or plastic. Wooden shoes trees are considered a better choice because the ability of wood to absorb both odor and moisture in the shoe.Plastic shoe trees, on the other hand, are light-weight, less expensive, and great for traveling, but may not provide the longest lasting benefits.
The men?s dress shoes market accounts for 6% of the shoe market share. Additionally, men?s designer footwear sales has shown 39% growth between the years of 2009 and 2014. More important than those numbers, however, are the comfort, durability, and fashion that a single pair of shoes can provide to consumers.

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