Michelle Obama Announces Title of Her Upcoming Memoir

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Many people around the world remember hearing the news that Barack Obama would become President of the United States. The Obama family served two memorable terms throughout their time in the White House. Many fondly remember Michelle Obama and the way she carried herself throughout her husband’s presidency. It’s likely that many people have told both Barack and Michelle that they should consider writing a book to document their lives and times, especially while being able to live inside of the White House.

Watching History Being Made

It was on November 4th, 2008 that Barack Obama was officially elected to be President of the United States of America. Statistics show that there are nearly 45 million African-American living across the United States. Considering that, many of these individuals were understandably excited to have an African-American President. Many individuals from every race and background fondly remember joining together to hear Barack Obama’s presidential acceptance speech. Considering that, it makes sense that Michelle Obama will be releasing her upcoming book nearly a decade after this important date in American history.

How the Book Becoming Came to Be

Many current news websites have reported that on November 13th, 2018, the world will get a chance to read the highly anticipated memoir by Michelle Obama that is currently titled Becoming. This book is planned to be published by major company Penguin Random House. Many black entertainment news websites have been working hard to find out how Michelle feels about getting the chance to write this kind of book. It is reported that Michelle felt that this experience has been personal but also extremely rewarding at the same time. It is being reported on celebrity news websites that Michelle was able to obtain quite a large sum of money for her book deal. In fact, financial website Bloomberg reports that the former First Lady was able to reach a staggering $65 million deal for her book.

Current news reports are claiming that Michelle is extremely excited about getting to release her book. She feels that having other people read about her journey will work well to inspire them to achieve their dreams. Many people were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Obama family would be taking residence within the White House in 2008. Since their time serving the United States of America, many feel that they have done a great job. One of Michelle Obama’s most notable contribution was enacting programs that helped the United States of America eat healthier and get into better shape.

To summarize, Michelle Obama has recently announced both the release date and title of her upcoming memoir. This book will be titled Becoming and is set to release throughout the world on November 13th, 2018. Becoming will chronicle the life of Michelle Obama from her time growing up as a child, meeting her future husband, and her time spent in the White House serving as the first African-American First Lady. The rights to this book deal were reported to net Michelle Obama nearly $65 million which is a huge sum money, especially for book rights. Michelle hopes that her memoir will be an inspiration for those who are looking to find their own voice and purpose within the world. Needless to say, current news websites will be extremely excited to report more about this book as new information is found out.

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