How to Properly Store Your Jewelry

Most people do not know how to store jewelry properly. Consequently, they will visit the jewelry store often to have scratches on the jewelry removed. The video shows how to store jewelry.

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Proper storage ensures their durability and that they can maintain their shine. If jewelry is not on the body, it should be clean, covered, and stored away from other jewelry pieces.

Ziplock bags are cheap and effective jewelry storage locations. They can hold earrings, necklaces, brooches, and other jewelry types. To keep earrings in a ziplock bag, they should have two sides. If the bag cannot separate the earrings, keep them in different bags. It ensures they do not touch and scratch each other.

Store jewelry in a multi-pocket pouch. The many pockets ensure it can store each piece of jewelry on its own. Hang necklaces for proper storage. However, they must always be covered. Depending on the material, they may rust on continued exposure to air. Therefore, place most of it in a ziplock bag and leave a tip to hang it. Also, use cardboard boxes to store jewelry. Place one piece at a time and cover with paper or cloth, then place the other piece on top. Always keep the container covered.

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