How to Get the Best Bouquets


There are many occasions in which one person will give a gift to another. These different types of occasions can include a special celebration, a holiday, a birthday, and possibly any romantic situations that involve you and your significant other. No matter the situation, there is always an appropriate type of gift to give to the person you need to give a gift to.

What kind of gift you buy for the recipient will be based upon a lot of circumstantial things. For instance, what you buy for a child will be different as opposed to what you buy for a significant other or even your adult friend. Different people have different sensibilities and like different things. Some people like material things such as electronics whereas others may want an item with sentimental value.

If you want to buy someone flowers or bouquets then you can definitely do so because a lot of people love bouquets and flowers. There are many random facts that plenty of people do not know about in terms of flowers and their lives. For instance, Tulips will normally only live between 3 to 7 days. Although the Lilac is a popular wedding flower, there is, unfortunately, a short span in which it is alive which is three weeks out of the year in the spring season.

People Love Flowers

Everyone loves to get and to use flowers as a gift or a prop. For many weddings, about 7 or 8% of the budget will go directly to providing flowers. This is in part for any decor and also for rituals like the flowers being brought up by a young child. Weddings are a celebration and love and that is why flowers are so prominent at these types of events.

A survey was conducted and revealed that 65% of all people in the United States feel special when they get flowers as a gift. 69% stated the both the sight and smell of flowers is enough to improve their mood. Also, know that 80% of all American citizens say receiving flowers makes them feel good and 88% said that giving flowers makes them feel well.

Business Picks Up On Holidays

Flowers and bouquets are bought more frequently on holidays as opposed to any other time of the year. 35% of all people bought flowers or plants as a gift on Mother’s Day in 2015. This means that Mother’s Day accounts for 25% of all bouquets purchases made on Holidays. 54% of all consumers at florist shops will buy decorations such as centerpieces during the holiday season.

50% of all consumers will purchase brand new fresh flowers as a host gift or just as a gift during the holiday season. Also, know that 25% of all consumers will purchase flowering houseplants other than poinsettias during the holiday season. 25% of all American adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine’s Day 2015.

While many people think flowers are gifts meant primarily for women, that is not exactly true. Men also like getting flowers as gifts according to the numbers. The American Society of Florists revealed information informing people that 36% of all women bought flowers on Valentine’s Day for their partner. Flowers and bouquets are so beloved by all people that they even break the gender norms attributed to them throughout society.

In Conclusion

Getting flowers and bouquets are a great idea no matter the situation and no matter the recipient of the gift. Your best bet is going to be visiting a florist shop and allowing an expert to get you the best flowers at a reasonable price. If you are ever stumped in terms of getting a gift for someone, make things easy by simply getting some flowers.

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