Here Are Three Things You Did Not Know About Kentucky

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Why would anyone assume they know what you do and don’t know about Kentucky? Maybe you live there and are thinking, “I know everything there is to know about my state! I have never ventured outside of Kentucky and nothing gets passed me. I know it all!”

Okay. Well, if that is the case, then click on by, my friend. Click on by. The 15th state to join the union, coming on board in 1792, Kentucky has an estimated population of around 4.43 million today (about half the population of the city of New York) and is the 26th most populous state in America. Easy, right? You already knew that. Well, how about these three things?

1.) Fully 95% of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky.

If drink bourbon anywhere in the world, you have a 95% chance of looking at the label and seeing that it was made in the great state of Kentucky. Kentucky bourbon accessories and Kentucky bourbon apparel may not be as popular around the world as the bourbon itself, but many people around the state wear their gear with pride, as well they should.

2.) The University of Kentucky is one of three.

It will come as no surprise to you to know that the Kentuckians love their college basketball. Kentucky Sports Radio, or KSR, have been broadcasting it since teams were throwing a ball that wouldn’t bounce into a peach basket nailed to a tree. KSR clothing and KSR merchandise have been raising revenue for years and they owe it all to the beautiful fans of the Wildcats of Kentucky.

But, here is what you might not know. There are only three men who have ever won an NCAA National Championship in basketball as a player and then as a coach. Bobby Knight did it. Dean Smith did it, as well. The third man is Joe B. Hall of the University of Kentucky. That’s right. Basketball royalty lives in the hallowed halls of UK.

3.) You have no chance of filling out a perfect NCAA March Madness Bracket.

You could sit down at your kitchen table in March of any year wearing your best University of Kentucky gear or your favorite KSR clothing feeling as confident as you want, but you have no chance of getting your March Madness bracket perfect. The odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion for you to get it perfect. Okay, so you have a CHANCE but, seriously? That is 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

Your KSR clothing will bring you luck, but it ain’t going to bring you that kind of luck! Worth a shot though, right? Hey, why not?

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