Looking For the Right Beard Grooming Tips as an African American Man? Look No Further!

Beard oil for black guys

Being able to grow a beard has long been a symbol of masculinity and pride. And in recent years, black men in the spotlight have begun growing beards and embracing their facial hair. But just like everyone’s hair is different, so too are everyone’s beards. There’s a different texture to their facial hair, so African American beard care will differ from a Caucasian or Asian man’s beard care routine. If you’ve been searching online “beard products for black man” with not much luck and a lot of frustration, you’re in luck. We’ll give you some tips for beard grooming, the best beard products for black men, and more. Believe it or not, beards can’t just be left to their own devices — they require a good amount of attention, grooming, and patience!

What are Some Tips For Growing a Beard?

A lot of growing a beard successfully is going to depend on your genes. Patchy beards are often common among African American men, which brings us to the next point: work with what you’ve got! (If you’re not satisfied with that though, there are products on the market that can stimulate dormant follicles into growing, though you’ll have to use it consistently — there’s no expiration date on its use!)

Most of all — be patient. African beards do tend to grow at a slightly slower rate — about 250 micrometers per day, compared to non-African beards which grow at around 400 micrometers a day. Experts advise that you grow out your beard for four to six weeks before attempting to really shape their style. You want to see what you’re working with and if this is your first time, you may not know!

Any Beard Grooming Tips?
Using the right products for your beard is key. It’s suggested that you condition your beard once to twice a week to keep your beard healthy and looking well maintained. A beard balm with natural ingredients like shea butter can help keep coarser hair under control and beard oil can make your beard softer and shinier. Make sure you’re just using products that are designated for facial hair use only — other products can be too greasy for your skin.

This may come as no surprise, but taking care of your face generally is also important to a beard grooming regimen, Don’t forget to wash your face regularly as well — cleaning nad exfoliating can prevent clogged pores or ingrown hairs.

Speaking of ingrown hairs — don’t pick at them, as tempting as that may be! You could end up with scarring and damage your hair follicles. So if you get razor bumps or ingrown hairs, it’s probably time to visit your dermatologist and see what suggestions they have for effectively dealing with them.

Make sure you’re combing through your beard after each shower with a brush and comb that are specifically meant for your beard or mustache, as well.

Beard Products for Black Man – Suggestions?

If you’ve been searching “beard products for black man” to no avail, take heart: here’s what you should be looking for. At the minimum, you should get beard soap, beard oil, beard balm, and a conditioner for your beard. These should be all-natural — with glycerin, jojoba or argan oil. In terms of beard balms, look for ones that contain shea butter and beeswax and again, those natural oils. These tend to work best with natural beards.

Products with artificial scents or other chemicals can have an averse affect on your beard, which is exactly what you don’t want! There are also online blogs and other resources that can suggest specific beard products for black man use.

Grow a lush and healthy beard when you follow a grooming and beard care regimen religiously. All it takes is some time, attention, and research and you’ll have a beard that will be the envy of many!

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