How Much Did You Spend on the Last Leather Belt That You Purchased?

Leather belts

The biggest fashion statements often begin with the smallest details.
As far back ask fashion history is documented phrases such as The Shoes Maketh the Man have been used to amplify the need for attention to accessories. The most successful fashion designers are often the ones who pay attention to the accessories as well as the main components of an outfit. From leather belts for men to tote bags for women, the top fashion designers and buyers always have their eyes open for an accessory that can tie an entire outfit together. And while many inexpensive materials and fads come and go, one essential fashion accessory will always be a well made leather purse, belt, shoe, or briefcase. Consumers who understand the value of adding leather belts for men and fine leather goods for women to their wardrobe send a powerful message at work and at play.
Leather Has a Rich History in America
Long before pioneers knew how to make fabrics from plant fibers, native Americans and early frontiersmen knew how to fashion clothing and accessories from leather. Because of both its availability and its versatility, leather has long been a staple in many cultures. Today, the reliability of leather is prevalent in the clothing that people wear and the fabrics that are used in their homes and their vehicles. Authentic leather is durable and, unlike many other man made fabrics, actually looks better as it ages. The richness of color and the depth of grain in a well used piece of furniture, for instance, is the look or richness and of quality.
Across the ocean and before American pioneers were deciding on the many ways that leather could serve their purposes, the Roman Empire already understood the value of leather. Initially, even the sails used on boats were made of leather. Additionally, leather was also used in household furniture, tents, weapons, and even body armor. As the beauty of the leather became as popular as its functionality, 1000 years after the beginning of the Roman Empire, leather started being worn as a fashion by Egyptian women.
Today, leather jackets from famous actors, war heroes, and musicians are the most notable pieces in museums that document America’s history. And while fashion designers continue to come up with uniquely designed leather belts for men, women, and children, the same material is also used in larger items like coats and jackets. The pervasiveness of leather in today’s wardrobes has gotten to the point that on any given day the average person is wearing at least four things that are made from leather.
Leather Goods Vary in Quality, Durability and Price
Understanding that you get what you pay for is a worthwhile acknowledgement in today’s fashion world. Inexpensive and imitation leather belts for men may be affordable, but they will never be as durable as the authentic leather options. Basically, most kinds of leather can be categorized into one of the four following grades: full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, and split leather. Top-grain and full-grain offer the highest level of quality, so they are often preferred when designers are making jackets, pants, and other leather accessories. Understandably, these top grade leather items are usually more expensive. Realizing though that three inexpensive fake leather belts may only have a combined life that is half of a high quality leather belt, however, justifies the higher price tag.
One of the reasons that genuine leather is more expensive is that to be used it must first go through a fairly lengthy three stage process:

  • preparatory stages
  • tanning
  • crusting

And while different leather manufacturers have their own secret methods, all of these methods must include these three stages. During the manufacturing process, exposure to long periods of low relative humidities, which is defined as anything below 40 degrees, can cause leather to become desiccated. This is a detrimental process that leads to the breakdown off the leather fibers.
Whether you are a young man heading to your first job interview after a college graduation or you are a woman preparing for the third level of interviews for a major corporate position, you will always make the right choice in selecting a quality leather accessory for your interview outfit.

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