Did You Know Your Cell Phone Or Microwave Can Negatively Impact Your Health?

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Technology comes with many upsides. It’s convenient, it’s readily accessible and it provides a wide variety of people with more options when it comes to living their everyday lives. With every upside, however, there is a downside. EMF dangers have slowly risen to the forefront of the mainstream consciousness as a safety measure to be considered when using modern forms of technology. These small and subtle electronic waves can negatively impact your body’s cells, altering them at the most basic level and causing health issues ranging from irritability, concentration issues, sleeping disorders and even certain forms of cancer. If you want to learn more about EMF exposure or have an interest in buying cell phone radiation protection, look below for a crash course.

What Are EMF Dangers?

Short for ‘electro magnetic fields’, EMF dangers are when the side-effects of constant exposure to these subtle fields start negatively impacting people’s health. EMF has been found to efficiently harm cells at one billion times lower levels than conventional heating methods. Bioeffects can even occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use, among other forms of electronic technology.

Where Are They Most Concentrated?

While EMF dangers can be found anywhere, there are certain areas where they are far more concentrated. The spread of cell towers in communities, be they with heavily populated schools and churches, have been found creating RF exposures at 1,000 times the rate discovered in environments 20 to 25 years ago. A 2012 study found chronic EMF exposure producing physiological stress in cells after a mere year and a half, leading many to seek out ways of reducing this exposure for risk of long-term side-effects.

What Are Their Side-Effects?

Many seek to protect children from EMF side-effects due to their still developing biological and psychological growth, though this is far from the only population to be negatively impacted by EMF dangers — the elderly, the mentally ill and those with sensitive constitutions are all at risk for EMF side-effects. Since 2008 there has been a significant 30% increase in patients with brain tumors originating from an ‘unknown source’ not recorded in the national cancer registry, leading many EMF professionals to believe that electronic waves could play a key role in this development. Children whose mothers used cell phones during their pregnancy were found to have 35% more hyperactivity than those who did not.

What Other Forms Of Technology Carry A Risk?

Cell phones, as well as cell phone towers, are some of the most commonly used forms of electronics that carry risk of EMF exposure. Even when you’re not using them they emit radiation all day long. However, conventional microwaves have been found to emit similar waves. While some phone users believe keeping their phone models at a distance from their face can limit radiation exposure, it’s unlikely this will be enough. If you want to protect yourself from the side-effects of EMF dangers, you will need to seek out EMF shielding fabrics or protection jewelry.

How Can I Protect Myself?

Thanks to modern initiatives, many forms of EMF protection technology have cropped up to keep the population at large safe from the side-effects of electronic exposure — these include, but are not limited to, EMF shielding fabrics, protective jewelry and microwave shielding. Even a simple EMF protection necklace can do a major part in reducing the impact of EMF waves, bolstering your overall health and reducing your risk for long-term side-effects. Children, elderly persons and mentally ill populations stand to benefit mightily from EMF blockers. How will you protect yourself from EMF dangers?

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