Make Diamonds Your Best Friend With a Fair Sale

Many people see diamonds as extremely valuable. Of course, they vary considerably in quality, but the best ones can be considered some of the most coveted items that a person can own. In fact, a lot of the time, when people get engaged, there are people who will focus more on the ring than the actual engagement. Traditionally, an engagement ring contains a diamond ring, and a lot of people focus on its size and quality when choosing a ring.

If you do not have a lot of experience with diamonds, you might wonder, who can tell me where to sell my jewelry? What is the average 6mm diamond price? Where can I find the best diamond sales online? What are the best engagement ring places in my area? What is the best place for diamonds that is also affordable? It might be a good idea for you to do some research on what exactly is available in your area. This might include calling jewelry shops in your area, so that you can see what they have to offer in terms of diamonds and engagement rings.

Ever heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” They certainly can be in a pinch if you need some fast and easy cash and have some diamond jewelry you’re looking to sell. If you’re looking to sell a diamond ring or other estate jewelry, an estate jewelry buyer or diamond jewelry buyer may certainly welcome your business! And unlike cash, natural materials like precious gems, gold, and silver are great investments or items to consider selling, since they don’t depreciate in the way that currency does. Everyone will always want gold or silver as long as we attribute a certain value to it for its versatility and beauty.
However, be careful when looking to sell your diamonds. There are plenty of diamond buyers out there who will underpay you for what your diamond is actually worth. There are some things you ought to know when looking to sell a diamond or other precious gem that will help you get the best price for your diamond!
Why Do People Want to be Draped in Diamonds Anyway?
Natural diamonds are incredibly old, beginning their formation inside the Earth over 3 billion years ago. The intense heat and pressure helped mold them into the hardest material on earth. And diamonds are used for more than just jewelry or decoration — they’re in pretty high demand in the industrial sector as well (between 75-80% of natural diamonds mined are bought and used by the industrial sector).
Diamonds have a rare and prized ability for cutting, due to their physical and chemical properties. The other 20-25% of diamonds go for use as gemstones, either as jewelry itself, or as decorations to jewelry or other objects.
There’s plenty of demand and to meet that demand, almost 130 million carats of diamonds emerge from mines globally, with ten million people involved in the diamond industry, from diamond buyers to retail workers in jewelry stores. Around 65% of the diamonds mined come from Africa and are worth almost $9 billion. The diamonds themselves are crystalized through a crystallization process around 320 miles under the surface of the earth and are piped up as disaggregated crystals.
But They’re Just Rocks. Why Are Diamonds So Prized Again?
For one thing, diamonds are a finite resource. Although our labs can now produce diamonds — which many consider to be more ethically responsible — natural diamonds are always going to be more sought after than lab-made diamonds because of their rarity. If you took the average of the diamond jewelry that was sold in one year, it would be over $70 billion and those sales aren’t slowing down. In the last 25 years, the sale of diamond jewelry has gone up threefold!
However, our attitudes towards diamonds also have a lot to do with it — we hold them in such high esteem and that drives the price up. They speak of romance — diamond rings — elegance, luxury, and wealth. And because they’re so expensive, they’re less common, which makes them even more exclusive and sought after.
So How Do I Sell My Diamond Jewelry to Diamond Buyers For a Fair Price?
Although there are many ethical diamond buyers out there who are going to give you an excellent price for your diamond jewelry, there are also plenty of crooks, whom you want to avoid. By all means, you should not be lured into shops that advertise giving you cash for gold or offer fast cash immediately. Sure, you’ll get quick money, but you’re also probably going to walk away with way less money than you should have received.
One way you’ll be able to find a reputable company is to see if they have staff members who have a degree from the Gemological Institute of America. They’ll have undergone training that will allow them to properly assess your diamond and will be working for a quality company. Selling through an estate sale or getting the value assessed by a jeweler and then selling it yourself for that price online are also ways to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

With some diligent research, you can get a fair price for your diamonds!

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