Four Important Things To Keep It Mind When You Donate To Charity

It’s no secret that every single day and throughout the course of history, millions and millions of American soldiers have fought to protect their country and to protect the freedoms that everyday Americans enjoy. But for as valiantly and bravely as they fight, the fact is that in the line of duty, many soldiers—both men and women—are injured.

As of 2014, there are more than 20 million military American veterans and many veterans and their military families who need help. Veterans have sacrificed a lot and for some of them, returning to everyday civilian life can be very difficult.

Thankfully, there are many veterans charities who do a lot of good work for veterans in need. Charities like Purple Heart Pickup and the Wounded Warrior Project are known around the nation for the good work they do. The Purple Heart Foundation, in 2018 alone, helped nearly 20,000 veterans secure about $200 million in benefits.

When everyday Americans make donations to veterans charities, even the smallest of donations can make a big difference and there are countless good reasons to make donations of money, household items and other essentials. Ultimately, by donating, Americans are helping those who fought to protect them.

As previously stated, there are more than enough good reasons to donate to veterans charities. But for all the good work that reputable veterans charities do, not all charities are on equal footing. Think about all the news stories you’ve seen about charities that have taken thousands, if not million of dollars, from Americans and hurriedly left town. Before you donate to charity, keep these four main points in mind. Doing so will make the most of your donations and help you find honest charities:

  • Do Research: As with many things these days, it pays to do research before you commit to anything. There are absolutely plenty of honest and hard-working veterans charities out there. But if you’re not sure which one to donate to, look them up online. Call them to speak to representatives. Look at a charity’s mission statement and their finances. A reputable charity will be totally transparent about its finances, its goals and its day-to-day activities. All of this information will help you as you decide where to make donations.
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  • Find your passion: If helping veterans or military families is something your passionate about, then find veterans charities and military charities to donate to. If you find a cause or an organization you’re passionate about, you’re more likely to be open to donating. More than 95% of Americans participate in some form of charitable giving and rather than just blindly making a donation, you should follow your passion and donate to charities that match with your values and beliefs.
  • Donate in person: When it comes time to make donations, follow this rule of thumb: only donate in person. That means don’t make a donation over the phone and give your credit number to a total stranger. Make sure you deal with your charity of choice’s employees directly. After all, when you make donations you want to know exactly where they go.
  • Think of charity as investment: Rather than think of a donation as just as a donation, think of it as an investment into the organization you’re donating to. Believe it or not, this will chance your outlook on charitable giving. By thinking of a donation in this way, you’re establishing a relationship with your charity of choice and getting more directly invested in their success. This makes your donation more meaningful to you and allows you to think of the charity as more than just a charity

If you’re passionate about helping military families and military veterans, there are many charities about there who share your passion and your desire to help. By researching charities that share in that passion, pursuing your passion through charitable giving and by thinking of your donations as an investment, you’ll gain a new prospective about charitable donations, seeing that’s more than just about giving money or other essentials.

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