Use DIY Wedding Flowers to Make Your Wedding Unique

Flowers play a huge role in any wedding. However, they can be very costly especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget. Having DIY wedding flowers for your wedding is a great way to cut down costs and still have a well-decorated wedding.

Saving money means being creative, and this means you will end up having a unique wedding and enjoy adding a personal touch to your wedding. If you are considering using affordable wedding flowers for your wedding then DIY should be your top priority.

Wedding DIY Flowers Dos and Don’ts

There are several things that you need to consider before making DIY wedding flowers. The first thing you need to have in mind is the season or the time of year that you are considering getting married.

1. Do Think About Your Wedding Theme

Your theme will dictate the type of flowers that you can have. You might have to attend a class or two to know the right DIY flowers to use as per your theme. Such classes will help you know how to keep your flowers looking good throughout the day.

2. Don’t Wait For Last Minute

If you are considering going the DIY way, you need to start planning early. Have plenty of time to source for flowers so that you can be sure where to find the exact flowers you want. Flowers can be on-demand in certain times of the year and making early bookings with your florist will assure you having the flowers that you need.

3. Watch DIY Flower Arranging Tutorials

There are tons of DIY flower arranging tutorials available on the internet. Watch as much as you can to learn different styles and concepts especially if you have no previous experience. Such tutorials will help you know the right flowers to combine.

4. Make Your Bouquet

DIY flower bouquets are fun to make. This is because the bride knows that they are part of their outfit. If you have the time, make at least two similar bouquets so that you can have one with you to remember the day once you have tossed one to the single ladies.

5. Do Keep Practicing

Practicing, as they say, makes perfect. If you do not make it with the first try, keep doing it till you get it right. Do not give up with the first attempt. Keep trying till you get it just right. Involve your best maid or bridal team in making the DIY wedding flowers.

Benefits of DIY wedding flowers

Using DIY flower centerpieces and any other DIY wedding flower ideas has several benefits. These include:

  • Cutting down on costs: Some florists charge a lot of money just to deliver and set up a wedding venue. Using DIY wedding flowers means, you will not incur any costs on delivery or arrangement of flowers at your wedding.
  • Having a unique wedding: No two weddings can be the same, especially if you choose to go the DIY way. This is your best chance to make your dream wedding a reality. You will have a unique and memorable wedding.
  • Taking part in making your wedding: There is no better feeling than knowing you took part in making your big day beautiful. This is only possible with DIY ideas. Take time to plan out and get involved in making your wedding beautiful and you will feel more at home than ever during your wedding.

DIY Wedding Flowers Can Make Your Wedding Memorable

When using DIY wedding arrangements, always use the flowers in season. This is because they are readily available and will not cost much. This means that if you are getting married in spring, you should use hyacinths, tulips and narcissi.

If you are looking for amazing wedding ideas and want to know more about DIY wedding flowers. Check out our website and read more on how to make your wedding unique and beautiful on a budget.

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