Wallets, Add-On Money Clips, and The Extremely Strong Materials Used to Make Them

So many uses exist for the wallet or billfold, though there are other types of carrying options for money, credit cards, and more. One of these is the money clip, and while it is not always used alone, there is the add-on money clip that can be used as a sort of option to include with what you already have. Sometimes, if you are looking to take up as little space in your pockets as possible, there are also minimalist money clips.

Various Materials for Wallets and Money Clips

Typically the most common material used to make both wallets and money clips is carbon fiber. Some of these include carbon fiber credit card wallets, carbon fiber card wallets, and carbon fiber wallets. Other materials used to create these items include aluminum, titanium, and others. Custom carbon fiber manufacturing is used to make incredibly strong fibers, likely parallel to the strength of steel. Carbon fiber prototypes can also be tested for their strength, whether they are stronger than the natural carbon fibers used for clothing and other simple materials. With many uses for carbon fiber materials, there are quality carbon fiber wallets that have much greater strength and longer life.

Types of Wallets and Money Clips

Even more than the material from which your wallet or add-on money clip is made, its functionality is just as important, if not even more so. With the add-on money clip and the minimalist money clip, you can save a great deal of space wherever you choose to hold all these items. With carbon fiber or metalworking for strong materials and products, all of the different items that carry your money and cards have different options. With the production of carbon fiber for many different strong materials, there are a number of different types of wallets, add-on money clips, and other holders that can benefit from the strength of carbon fiber, including:

  • Carbon fiber credit card wallets
  • Quick access thin credit card wallets
  • Aluminum wallet with money clip
  • Black titanium money clips
  • Carbon fiber credit card wallets
  • Aluminum billfolds
  • Quick access thin credit card wallets
  • Titanium wallet money clips
  • Ultra slim wallets

Specifications for Wallets and Add-On Money Clips

Certain specifications in the construction of custom wallets and money clips help indicate their long-term strength, rather than the material used to make them. Whether you are looking for a wallet or an add-on money clip, there are many things to consider. Some of these details include the following:

  1. Carbon fibers, five to ten microns in diameter, are only a little wider than spider silk.
  2. Carbon fiber composites contain about 10 times the strength of steel at about half the weight.
  3. Nearly all carbon fiber is made using polyacrylonitrile (PAN).
  4. PAN-based carbon fibers contain high strength and about 1,000 KSI strength.

Wallets, money clips, and other products are made from very strong, lifelong materials. With the strength of carbon fiber and others, there is no need to worry about the corrosion that leather or other cloth wallets may take. Carbon fiber for many other products as well are available to provide some great benefits for the stability of work or everyday tasks.

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