Camouflage in Fashion Is Alive and Well

Camo seat covers

Did you know that various camouflage patterns were created during World War II to disguise the American military? In fact, camouflage is now worn in all branches of the armed forces. Although camo is most closely associated with the military, Time Magazine reports that it has also been worn for fashion purposes since the 1980s. This means that by wearing camo clothing for men and women, you will become much more fashionable.

Camo Clothing Comes in Many Forms

No matter what the occasion, camouflage can always be worn. In fact, not only are camo hunting clothes available, but so are camo formal dresses, bathing suits, suit jackets, and vests. Even various accessories are available in camouflage, including camo bedding, seat covers, purses, shoes, and wallets. As a result, it is possible to look stylish in public by decking yourself out in camouflage.

Camo Clothing Comes in Many Patterns

In addition to the traditional patterns used in camo hunting clothes and military uniforms, camouflage clothing is available in other colors and patterns, as well. For example, desert, woodland, urban, tiger, and dual-texture are common camo clothing patterns, and these designs are available in nearly every color ranging from green and brown to blue and pink. Since there are countless varieties of camo patterns and colors to choose from, your fashion possibilities are nearly endless.

The next time you need to update your wardrobe, look no further than camouflage clothing. This is because there are several camo clothing types available, and each one comes in different colors and patterns. As a result, it is no wonder that camo has remained popular in fashion for approximately three decades. Find more:

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