The Top Three Handbag Facts You Should Carry With You

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Handbags may always be at your side, but how much do you really know about them? Here are three handbag facts you might be interested in carrying with you when next you leave home with your handbag:

1. The Industry is Bigger Than You Would Think

The typical American may only be familiar with one or two brands of handbag, like Prada. The small amount of recognizable designer handbag options may make it seem like there aren’t a lot of wholesale fashion handbags suppliers, but that idea is very wrong. In fact, there are over five hundred manufacturing plants in the United States alone that are focused on producing primarily purses and handbags.

2. Handbags are Exorbitantly Priced

Many women and men carry handbags in their day to day life. In fact, some carry multiple sets of handbags, whether they are wholesale satchel handbags or more petite purses. You might think that they are not too expensive, then, since so many have them, but again, common sense would be dead wrong. Designer handbags from the brand names the typical person is familiar with can cost between twenty five hundred and three thousand dollars. There may be those wholesale satchel handbags available online, but not anything from a known dealer.

3. The Prices Don’t Stop There

The average price for a designer bag may be something like three thousand dollars, but that is by no means reflective of the entire range. As you may be aware, off-brand handbags often go for a much lower, more affordable price, but even designer bags need not stop at three thousand — or even ten thousand. In fact, the highest recorded sale for a designer bag came in at nearly twenty five thousand dollars on Ebay from designer Hermes Birkin. Which of these handbag facts will you take with you? More can be found here:

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