Why Camo Accessories for Trucks Are No Longer In Disguise

Girl camouflage clothing

Camouflage, or camo as enthusiasts like to call it, is a design once reserved to disguise military troops, battleships, tanks and other military equipment. From the French word camoufler, it aptly means to blind or disguise. By using color and pattern, camo clothing and other accessories create the element of disguise by allowing anything it covers to blend it with its surroundings.

However, camo accessories for trucks, camouflage clothing, and other camo accessories are no longer being used to disguise. People are making a statement with their camouflage. The pattern can be seen in unlikely places like proms, baby showers, and weddings.

Camo accessories for trucks have been around for a long time. Hunters use camouflage hunting clothes to follow game without being detected. Soon, they were outfitting their trucks with the same pattern. The traditional green, brown and black pattern would be seen near fields and hunting areas indicating an outdoorsman was nearby. Camo accessories for trucks provided a way to love the outdoors from inside their vehicle.

During the Gulf war, the troops wore tan colored army camouflage to blend with the natural surroundings. Camo accessories for trucks followed suit offering more options for camo connoisseurs. Soon, manufacturers saw an opportunity and began creating camo patterns in blue and pink. Suddenly women and girls had a reason to wear camo. And, camo accessories for trucks made even more of a statement with the new shades and patterns.

It is not unusual to walk into an auto parts store and see camo accessories for trucks prominently displayed. One of the most asked for patterns, camo accessories for trucks are popular for customizing a vehicle. Gun racks, bed liners, and seat and steering wheel covers all boast the popular pattern. For women, the pink camo can outfit a pick-up truck for a real country girl statement.

No matter where you are, camouflage accessories are bound to be close by. The mall, the local hardware store, and of course sporting goods stores all carry a wide range of camo accessories for trucks and other uses. Camo lovers are no longer in disguise!
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