The Advantages of Using Massage Table Blankets

Microfiber massage table sheets

In the world of massage, there are a number of types of spa equipment a therapist will use in order to make their client’s experience more pleasant, even more peaceful. Specifics are called for when a massage therapist chooses the sheet sets, for example, that will cover the table that their client will lie on. Massage table sheets need to be more durable than a typical set of sheets because they are washed much more often and because they need to be kept smooth and comfortable. Certain materials are not recommended for the sheets used on a spa table because the fabric is known to pill after some wash and use. This detracts from the comfort of the person who will be lying on the table. Microfiber massage table sheets are the type used by most massage therapists and most spas.

By the same token, there is more than one advantage of using massage table blankets. Massage table blankets are used in order to enable the client to feel extra warmth and comfort. There are several schools of thought among massage therapists when it comes to the way they want their client to view the table they will be climbing onto. Each therapist chooses the equipment they feel will bring the best massage experience to their clients, physically, as well as mentally.

When asking someone to name just one advantage of using massage table blankets, most people would probably just choose their favorite. Because individual preferences vary so greatly, it would be impossible to pick one favorite among the many. So, here is some information regarding the choices of massage table blankets, each one being a preference among different massage therapists and clients.

Beginning at the beginning, the most common fabric used in massage therapy is the cotton thermal blanket. The first advantage of using massage table blankets of this type is its affordability. Another advantage relates to its breathability while still keeping clients warm during their massage experience. However, it has a tendency to snag and will sometimes shrink during washing.

Fleece is also a popular type of blanket used for massage tables. Because its feel is soft and even fluffy, it promotes warmth and comfort. Fleece is a material that usually stimulates an immediate feeling of peace and relaxation, which is a great advantage to clients. An advantage of using massage table blankets is always the feeling of warmth and comfort they promote, and there are a number of different fabrics that contribute to this.

Bamboo is also becoming very sought after these days, in quite a few interesting ways. One of these ways includes it in a soft, even luxurious, fabric. Bamboo blankets are sometimes used on the massage table, although it is not as common as other types of material. The reason for this is because it requires more care than other fabrics and more time to be devoted to its ongoing preservation.

Down comforters are a type of blanket loved by massage therapists and clients alike. They are warm and enveloping and bring on immediate peace and relaxation. Down alternative comforters can be used, as well, for clients who might have any allergies to down.

The busier Americans become, it seems, the more people are seeking time at a spa for some relaxation and relief from stress. Statistics show that the United States holds 88% of the spa industry of North America; although, since 2007 the wellness industry, including spas, have grown globally by 12% each year. The spa and wellness industry has become big business worldwide, especially in the U.S. In 2013 it was estimated that this enterprise had a global worth of about $3.4 trillion. Three years later, in 2016, it was reported that in 12 months’ time, 16 million people used spa services. Whether taking advantage of day, weekend, or vacation spa services, more and more people are finding the overwhelming benefits that can be derived by this form of stress relief.

A spa provides individuals with an outlet where they can shed the cares and worries of the day and find relief that often carries over into their daily routine. Peace and relaxation benefits a body from head to toe, not to mention the benefits to emotional health.

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