Are You Wearing the Right Kind of Shoes When You Go To Work?

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Working out should not be dangerous.
Adventure vacations do not need to be unsafe.
International travel can be exhausting, but should not leave you nursing blistered and sore feet on your travel days.
Without the correct kind of footwear, however, many exercise enthusiasts and vacationers can find themselves miserable and wasting too much time trying to recover and nurse their feet back into good health. With the wrong footwear, in fact, even a eight hour long work shift can leave feet screaming in pain. From steel toe boots for the construction site to comfortable waterproof boots for hikes through the rainforest, the right kind of footwear, especially if it has the extra stability of side zip technology, can make all of the difference.
Proper Work Boots on the Job Can Make for a Safer Eight Hour Shift
Some of the largest companies in the construction industry provide side zip technology work boots for their employees. Others provide an allowance so that employees can make their own safety boot purchase. These forward thinking employers understand the importance of quality footwear on the job. For both comfort and protection, comfortable work boots, especially those with the stability provided by side zip technology can increase productivity and save future problems.
Understanding the importance of footwear is often based on understanding workplace safety statistics. Did you know, for instance, that employees who suffer a foot or toe injury miss an average of seven days of work? This information provided by U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics is in itself enough motivation for companies to offer quality work boots to their employees. The lost productivity from missing seven days of work is obviously more than the cost of a pair of boots. Given that the human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles, the wrong kind of footwear is an invitation to a variety of problems. Add in the fact that although the average person walks 10,000 steps a day, a construction worker or laborer walks more than 30,000 and you realize that caring for the feet of your workers just makes good sense.
Work safety codes are in place for a reason, and a Bureau of Labor Statistics study of foot injuries indicated that 75% of the accidents that happened on the job site occur when workers are not in compliance. The largest companies are often the ones who make investments in footwear or footwear allowances for their workers. The fact of the matter is, however, all companies would benefit from this policy. Avoiding lost days to foot injury quickly compensates an employer for most average footwear investments, including those with side zip technology.
Recreational and Fitness Foot Injuries Also Limit Plans and Productivity
Nothing derails a training plan or a vacation schedule like a foot injury. And while many runners plan to the smallest detail their running schedules, if they do not properly plan for the properly timed replacement of their running shoes, all of their planning can be sidetracked by injury. Vacationers spent not only time, but also money, in their plans which can also be ruined by foot problems. One of the top travel guide tips for any location, in fact, is that vacationers wear sturdy shoes. If you are planning a vacation that focuses on hiking or climbing it obviously makes good sense to have the right kind of shoes. Without them, blisters or twisted ankles can bring all other plans to a screeching halt.
It might be fun to plan some cute and fashionable footwear for some nights on the town while you are on vacation, but the majority of travel time should be spent in reliable footwear that provides both comfort and protection.
Army Authorized Boots and Police Footwear Protect the Feet of Those Who Protect the World
Perhaps the greatest, and most thorough, examples of industries that rely on the best footwear are the police and military forces. Partly to make sure that everyone is uniform in appearance, the decision to provide high quality footwear has been a part of these occupations for years. Not surprising, it is difficult to protect and serve if your feet are tired and sore.

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