6 Tips for Keeping Your Boots Comfortable and in Great Shape

Comfortable waterproof boots

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you know how important it is to keep your feet happy. Getting comfortable work boots is an important part of keeping your feet happy. Keeping your comfortable boots in good shape is a great way to keep your feet happy. Here are some tips to keep your boots and your feet happy:

1. Be careful when breaking your comfortable work boots. Some boots feel great and can start wearing them immediately. Most boots have to be worn in at least a little before they fit the way they should and are comfortable enough to wear all day and at work. It is going to take some patience to get your boots to that point. You need to spend at least a week wearing them and using them lightly. There is no real way to make this go faster than it should. Your comfortable work boots will be more comfortable if you let the process work through its own pace. The only thing you can do to make it go any faster is condition

2. Water proof your boots. Waterproof work boots will be more comfortable. Leather work boots should be water proofed. This is inexpensive, effective and not hard to do. While you are using products to keep water away from your comfortable work boots, the product you should use should be water based.

Why you need a water based waterproofing product:

  • You want your boots to be able to repel water but you also want your boots to be breathable. This will allow the water you release from the inside to get out. Nearly 200 ml of moisture can be lost from feet every day from a very active person. This means keeping the breathability of the work boots will help keep your feet happy.
  • Water based products are better for the leather. Water based products have no petroleum. The leather can be stretched out by petroleum.
  • Heat is not needed for water based waterproofing products. Leather can be warped by heat.
  • They work better at repelling water.
  • Dirt is not attracted to water based waterproofing products.
  • You will need to apply the water based waterproofing product at least three coats. As soon as you get the boots home, apply your first coat. Wait about 14 days and put on the second coat of waterproofing product. Wait another 14 days and put the last coat on.

3. Keep your work boots clean. It may not seem like it will make a difference but your comfortable work boots will stay that way longer if you keep them clean. This does not mean you have to do this every day but once a week. Take a brush to your work boots once a week. This is not something you should do on suede but on regular leather, you should take a nylon brush. Use a water based cleaner on your work boots. If you want to clean the inside with a low pH boot shampoo.

4. Condition your boots on a regular basis. This is another good way to keep your comfortable work boots as comfortable as possible. There is no set time table for when your boots should be conditioned. You can talk to the store where you buy the boot or you can contact the manufacturer to see what the recommended timeline is. You can also do your conditioning as your work boots begin to get stiff.

5. Try out some insoles. Even the most expensive, comfortable work boots will wear their soles out first. That is a universal truth of all boots. Insoles are an inexpensive way to make your work boots feel a lot better. Most people who find insoles to be helpful start using them long before they have actually worn out.

6. Buy more than one pair. Your work boots will last a lot longer and they will be a lot more comfortable if you can switch them out and let them dry between wearings. When you find a pair you really like, save yourself some effort and buy two pairs.

It matters little where you are, when your feet are happy, you will be a lot happier.

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