Tactical, Waterproof, or Hobnail Boots Wear What’s Right for the Environment You’re In

High traction work boots

When it comes to getting work done, those who work in construction and laborers working in intense conditions or with heavy machinery are not afraid to dig in to complete the job. But there is more to this type of work than sweat and grunt work. One of the most important aspects of these types of jobs is the right protective footwear. In any line of work, it is crucial to protect your feet. It can be a difficult balance to strike, finding the perfect mix of everything you need in the right shoe.

Tactical boots, hobnail boots, police footwear and more

From military combat boots and law enforcement boots to hobnail
boots for catching your footing in less than ideal terrains, having the right footwear is absolutely crucial to being able to perform quality work. And depending what it is you do, there could be several different factors that come into play. Everyone needs good support in their shoes, but there are also the matters of stability, protection, weight, and traction, to name a few of the most important aspects. Many professions would also benefit from the use of waterproof work boots as well. There are some brands and styles of shoes that combine several of these factors, but some are more specific for certain situations, as hobnail boots are for traction.

Keeping your feet safe

Your feet are put through quite a bit on a daily basis. And while the human body is an incredibly resilient machine, feet can actually be rather fragile, consisting of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments, each working intricately with surrounding and connecting parts. Damage to any one of those complex components will likely lead to damage to others, not to mention severe pain and significant difficulty walking. This is why the American Society for Testing and Materials, or the ASTM, developed workplace safety standards, so that thousands of workplace injuries can be avoided each year when workers wear the proper protective gear. There are even specific ASTM standards in regards to the safety performance measurements of different work boots.

Workplace safety regulations and protective gear requirements are in place for a reason, and are generally quite effective. Of all the workers who sustained workplace foot injuries, only 23% of them were wearing the appropriate safety footwear, and many of those who were wearing them were injured when an object hit an unprotected part of their boot or shoe. It just makes sense to protect your feet. They’ll stay in working order for you much longer if you do.

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