When Was the Last Time You Made a Luxury Fashion Purchase?

You have always prided yourself for being able to stand out in a crowd. Even when you were in college and on a limited budget you always made sure that you looked your best. Perhaps because you always lived in a home that was finely manicured and spent weekends on a meticulously cared for boat, you grew up knowing that how things look matter. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but if you have always felt that if you did not look your best, you would not be able to be your best.

From the shoes that you wear to the car that you drive, you may not have always been able to afford the newest and best brands, but you have always been someone who would invest in a single high quality pair of jeans, instead of opting for three or four pair of budget brands.

After paying attention to designer shoes and luxury clothes for years, you are now in a position with your new job where you can do more than just dream. In fact, last week you made the decision to invest in a pair of Mykita Haus sunglasses. Definitely no small investment, the purchase of the new Mykita Haus shades was a decision to no longer spend lesser amounts on sunglasses that you often treated as disposable. With their innovative designs and colors, it was not an easy decision about which pair to purchase, but now that you have made the decision you are more than happy with your choice.

Mykita Haus Sunglasses and Other Luxury Clothing Items Continue to Grow in Popularity

From eyewear to purses to shoes, there is a growing consumer trend for buyers to want the very top brands. Whether it is a consumer who is scrimping and saving to purchase her first ever designer handbag or a consumer who has a budget that allows for weekly high end purchases, there is a growing awareness in many circles of the brands that carry the most clout.

In fact, with an estimated value of $91 billion, the U.S. continued with its place as the leading regional market for luxury goods in the year 2015. Not limited to just this country, the worldwide e-commerce fashion industry revenue is predicted to increase from $481.2 billion in 2018 to as much as $712.9 billion by the year 2022. As people around the world have access to fashions that were once only acquired regionally, more and more consumers have a taste for fashions that have the highest price tags. Whether you are looking for your first pair of Mykita Haus glasses or you are buying your fourth designer handbag, you are likely paying close attention to the way that you are able to present yourself to the world.

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