What You Should Know About Proposing

Getting married is common all throughout the United States, with very nearly two and a half million weddings occurring over the span of just one single year here. In fact, up to half of all people in this country are now married, with more than 85% of them (around 90%, to be just a bit more specific) getting married before they reach the age of 50.

For many people, getting married is one of the most romantic things to do, with up to 88% of all married couples in the United States have married for love. And even if a marriage does not work out, that does not mean that one will never love again. As a matter of fact, that’s far from the case, especially when you consider the fact that up to 40% of all marriages taking place are second marriages and even beyond. But though many get married at some point in time or another, it’s a serious commitment that more and more people are waiting longer for, so much so that the average man gets married at age 30 and the average woman at age 28 (reflecting the average two and a half year age gap seen in married couples throughout the country).

Couples are enjoying each other before getting married, getting to know one another before they are able to really and truly be sure about making such a big decision. After all, up to 70% of all couples who do eventually get married will first live together. In addition to this, the average couple that gets married will be together for around five years before making things truly official. Because of this, the typical partner will be able to plan out the engagement to a t, creating the perfect proposal for their other half.

There are many things that go into a perfect proposal. For one thing, healthy couples will be able to discuss the prospect of marriage before a proposal actually occurs. While surprise proposals are certainly fun, it’s best if the proposal in question does not come as a total shock. Being on the same page with your partner is a must not just in regards to getting married, but for most of what you will face together as a couple as well.

It’s also critical that you know what kind of a proposal your partner wants. After all, not everyone is going to want a proposal that is big and lavish. As a matter of fact, many people will not want this and will instead prefer something that is much more intimate. Knowing your partner well enough is imperative, as it will help you to plan the proposal of both of your dreams.

Of course, getting the perfect engagement ring is also something of a must. Fortunately, there are many ways in which to do this. Going to a jewelry store to take a look at their offerings, from diamond rings to less traditional engagement rings, is something that many will do. After all, the jewelry store will allow you to get an up close and personal look at the jewelry that is available, something that is not readily available when buying a ring online. Going into a jewelry store can also give you the option to ask questions about different rings, something that is not nearly as much of an option when buying online. The people who work for a jewelry store are likely to have a good deal of knowledge about different rings, and can help to steer you in the right direction.

And the average jewelry store will encompass a good deal of variety as well. For instance, you can get diamond engagement rings from a jewelry store, but also wedding bands. In fact, many a couple will go to a jewelry store together when they are looking to get wedding bands, something that can be a great bonding experience for a couple that is about to tie the knot. At the end of the day, even these relatively small things can make a big difference all in all. And if you’re looking for something even a little bit more special, you might consider something like custom jewelry, offered at many a jewelry store.

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