Choosing The Right Table Covers for Your Event

If you’re planning an event, whether its a wedding, business meeting or conference, family get-togethers or any other special occasion, you know that proper decorations are important, especially table settings because that instantly draws attention when food is served. You want to make sure the table decor is as charming and appealing as the banquet, and nothing does it better than table coverings that add style and personality to your place setting. Wow! your guests with attractive table skirts and fitted tablecloths cover to transform an ordinary looking table setting into a beautiful and more sophisticated place to socialize and enjoy a meal together with the loved ones.

However, choosing between these two options, table skirts and fitted tablecloths, is often a challenge. How do you pick the right table covers? Well, your decision will mostly be informed by the benefits offered by each cover in regards to your style and preference. Here are some of the key benefits and differences between fitted tablecloth covers and table skirts.

Benefits of Using Table Skirts for Table Decoration

Fabric table skirts are designed to attach and hang from the edge of a table, and it’s usually pleated to form an elegant appeal. They are essentially used to add a touch of style or complement tablecloths and other types of table covers. The only drawback to using this decorative cover is that they take time to attach considering you’ll be using clips for table skirts.

Versatile Table Covers for Any Table

If you’re looking for a cover that can perfectly fit all your tables sizes, consider table skirts which allow you to even use a relatively long table skirt on a small banquet table. There is no need for resizing to fit a particular table thus also economical. It doesn’t matter the table edge thickness, provided you’re using the right
clips for table skirts the presentation will look seamless.

Table skirts also create room for complementing other table decors. Ideally, the cover runs around the table hanging from the edge downwards, leaving the top of the table exposed. This allows you to add a nice table topper such as a tablecloth for the desired look. You can opt to have matching table skirts and toppers, or going for something more contrasting in color. This will depend on the theme you’re looking to achieve for your event. When not in use, table skirts are much easier to store using table skirt hanger.

Benefits of Using Table Cloths for Place Decoration

Table cloths are a type of throw covers for table decoration and they offer a great alternative to table skirts. They are not only easy to set up but also relatively affordable, and come in an array of fabric and color options to choose from classic to contemporary styles. Table cloths are ideal for informal occasions, but when coordinated well with to blend with the party theme, it offers a more professional aesthetic feel.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

One of the reasons why tablecloths are a popular choice for event planners when decorating tables is their ease of use. All you have to do is spread a one-piece fabric cloth over the table and that’s it! They are also easy to remove as it is to set up and are most ideal for weddings or events with many guests. However, unlike table skirts which can be used on tables with different dimensions, tablecloths are only used on particular sized tables. This means that each table will require a separate tablecloth. With tablecloths, you don’t need extra attachments for setting up like the clips for table skirts.

So, between the two, table skirts and tablecloths which one do you think is perfect for your event decoration? Well, again this depends on the theme you’ve looking to achieve, the type of occasion, and the impression you want your guests to receive. However, consider other factors such as the number of guests and go for options that allow quick set up. Table skirts are ideal if you want something more flexible to decorate with as they can be used on different table sizes, but you’ll also need to factor in clips for table skirts.

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