Three of the Weirdest eBay Auctions of All Time

Estate antique store in virginia beach

If you’ve ever taken the time to peruse eBay’s many public auctions, then chances are you noticed all of the vintage collectible items and old memorabilia there is to bid on there. What you might not know though is that if you spend enough time on there, you can find some pretty weird auctions.

Here are a few eBay auctions that are so weird that you won’t be able to tell if they’re jokes or not.

The World’s Largest Lite-Bright.

Yes, someone was selling the world’s largest version of the popular toy from the 80s, which had a massive replication of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” stippled on. Unfortunately, it had a starting bid of $15,000. Unless you’re a big lite-bright enthusiast or you’re some kind of mega-rich collector, chances are you’ll have to pass on it.

The Illinois Corn Flake.

About six years ago, Virginia’s McIntire sisters were able to sell one flake of Corn Flakes cereal that–you guessed it–was shaped like the great state of Illinois. What’s even more surprising than the fact that they were able to sell it is just how much they were able to sell it for, which was a cool $1,350 to the owner of, who bought it for his traveling museum of Americana and pop culture.

Advertisement Tattoos.

You may have heard of someone becoming a walking billboard the moment they put on a branded piece of apparel, but some people are willing to become literal walking billboards, hosting auctions that offer businesses the chance to buy ad space on their bodies. Take Joe Tamargo for instance. In 2005, he sold off ad space on his skin for a cool $510 to, a site dedicated to keeping Martha Stewart away from prison.

Who would’ve thought that eBay wasn’t just home to so many awesome antiques and vintage collectibles, but to odd items like the world’s largest lite-bright. If you’ve ever come across strange auctions that weren’t listed here, feel free to share in the comments. Read more.

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